Friday, December 11, 2015

Cravings... Oh when they HIT they HIT HARD !

If you are human you have cravings. Sometimes those craving are for good foods that provide nourishment to your body and other times your craving foods because of emotions. I bet you can recall a time that you gave into your craving and it was like this surge of energy that you couldn't stop. Then you have other cravings that you can just focus on something else and it will go away, but what causes this to happen? Like the times I can sit and eat a jar of peanutbutter in minutes without thinking !! Sometimes I just feel like I can't control myself and wonder what is going on !

Let's start by distinguishing your cravings in 3 categories: supportive, dispersive, and associative.
Supportive cravings occur when the body instinctively wants a particular food that enhances the healing process, fulfills a nutritional need, or neutralizes an imbalance in the body. Supportive cravings may arise that seem sensible and obvious, or unexpected and beyond nutritional understanding. Have you ever craved citrus foods when suffering from a cold or flu? It’s easy to justify this biologic desire considering the vitamin C content of oranges and grapefruits, and the cleansing effect of fruit on the body These cravings are unique to the individuals who experience them, and would probably prove useless for most others. The bottom line here: the body craves because the body knows.
A dispersive craving is a desire for a food that drains health and diminishes our energy. Though the intensity of a dispersive desire may be as strong as the intensity of a supportive one, the ultimate effects of yielding to such cravings might be feeling heavy, feeling de-energized, and feeling guilty. Many of us long for foods we suspect will yield an adverse reaction, especially when eaten in excess: sugar, alcohol, fried food, and junk food are some obvious examples. We yearn for meaning, purpose, love, and the fulfillment of our desires. Behind every human act, no matter how singular or small, is a yearning for more: more life, more depth of experience. Through the many difficulties and obstacles we face, our yearnings may become distorted. The natural yearning for inner strength may become a compulsion for power over others. Don't allow your heart to get in the way and give into these cravings as they will surely disappoint in the long run !
An associative craving is an odd cross between the other two. It occurs when we yearn for a food that has a rich, deep, and meaningful association with out past. Think of a memory from childhood of you cooking or baking with your grandmom. You can distinctively recall the foods, smells, and feelings from this. By surrendering to such a craving we can visit our past, and re-live feelings that may bring their own special healing moment, regardless of the nutritional inferiority of the food. The theory behind it all is that biology and nostalgia can make a fascinating and memorable meal.
You can learn to decipher these feelings and dissociate them from food or give into a food craving for a feel good endorphin rush. Finding that soulful connection can be the piece that you are longing for in your life that will bring peace and serenity to your day !

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