Thursday, December 17, 2015

Burnout and feeling stuck...

It happens to the best of us. We push as hard as we can for so long and then your mind and body just say NO ! Its the dreaded burnout and it hits HARD and sometimes at the worst moments in your life. I know that for me training is more than lifting weights. Lifting is my ultimate stress relief and I it allows me to escape life for a little. However, our bodies are not always 100% and by always stressing them out with training, at one time or another you just have to take a break. It's funny when you think your  body can manage more stress so you train HARDER,  but when the brain begins to give out warning signs, it's time to start being careful. 

I am one of  many who encounter fatigue syndrome that is so well known when you train hard and for a goal especially when I a, getting ready for a competition. No matter how much I want to just keep going, I have to remember that I am  not a robot. For me that was/is a hard lesson to learn. It's easy to convince the mind to just keep going. Think about how many times you got yourself to workout when you didn't want to keep going. But who wants to face it when you just want to do all the fun at the same time and when your in a solid routine its hard to stop the ball from rolling. 

However the body has a way of saying STOP!  The feeling of barely get out of bed despite many hours of sleep, inability to concentrate on the simplest tasks, the constant mist is not coming out and feeling that nothing is especially fun despite everything goes exactly as you wanted, and very good. Crying for no reason and just feeling overwhelmed at the simplest tasks. I was running a quick race to nowhere besides enormous fatigue and frustration.

 After much mental juggling with myself, I decided, however, to allow even this experience to be a strength and experience. It is an advantage to handle even this mentally in addition to previous experience so even though it has been extremely heavy period now as it has been developing. Injuries or obstacles in training, I can handle but to accept that you can not increase the tempo further, when it has been my strength, has been nothing but my biggest challenge in a long time.However, I have had to accept that I can not force myself to do everything and even more without listening to myself for my own sake, and I'm glad I did this in time. Everyone comes to a point when one must take warning from the body or head seriously and it is my salvation I did it despite the shame and the sense of inadequacy that resulted. 

My love for training sometimes takes over my "real" life. It might be because when I train I feel nothing, I am unstoppable and I am my most calm self. However, burning yourself out for the sake of that "high" you get in training can lead you to just second guess everything in your life. It's time to listen to your body. Listen to your coaches. And most important is to just be real with yourself about what you are doing ! Your mind is powerful but the body is weak and you need to be able to find the balance between how much is good for you and when it starts to become a problem ! 

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