Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are you working to your FULLEST potential ??

If you are working hard at achieve your top physique many times you can forget that the little things matter.If you’re not satisfied with your body, be honest and ask yourself, “Have I truly taken the proper steps to achieve my goal?” If not, the following tips can help you get on the right track and make your training time more productive.I know that I sometimes don't "want" to do something that is programmed because it's hard, but those hard reps and sets can challenge your character and your body !!! That is where change happens !!!! As a trainer there are few things I look at when working with clients and how to build a CUSTOM plan to make sure you are see the results you need !!! 
First off you need to know and understand your genetics and what your body is capable of doing. You don't want to be training without a purpose. Just like girls when you get a hair cut, if your hair doesn't have the makeup to hold a style, it just won't work. Same goes for your body. Too many times I encounter people who have a shape that they just don't want to embrace to work on making what they have already symmetrical. Look at the following:
Bone length factors - torso, upper leg, lower leg, and arms.
Muscle size, origin, and insertion factors - long or short muscle bellies and where they attach to your skeleton.
Width/girth factors - the width of your hips and shoulder girdle, and rib cage protrusion. Girth-wise, factor in your hips, lower torso (abdominals), and upper torso (chest) in combination with your existing muscle mass.
If you’re naturally tall and skinny, it will be more difficult to build a lot of muscle mass. If you’re wide at the lower torso and narrow at the shoulders, you can probably rule out the V-shape in your upper body.All these thing play a factor in how your body responds to training and you need to utilize what you already have and make it work!
This might seem like an obvious tip but work hard !! Don’t shy away from those last few difficult repetitions in a set if you can safely do them. Those extra few seconds could be the difference between an effective overload stimulus and something less than that. Run or work harder in your cardio.Do everything with a purpose and intent.Adjust your intensity variables. Add volume, lower the rest time, and increase effort in some capacity within training. This advice may generic, but it's important to progressively make your training more demanding.
Make sure you are eating to FUEL your body and make good nutritional choices. Sure this might mean you have to sacrifice meals with friends or even bring your food when going out but there are choices that you need to make if you really want to have a big difference in your body.
Make a plan, set a goal and go after it ! Ask yourself:"What do I want to achieve ?" Are you taking the steps to get there?o you want to get stronger? There is a plan for that. Improve your cardiovascular endurance? There is a plan for that. Eliminate body fat? There is a plan for that.
Don’t just aimlessly “work out.” Have a structured plan aimed directly at your goal. Ask yourself these questions:
Am I training consistently?
Am I training hard and resting hard?
Am I methodically increasing the difficulty of my workouts over time?
Am I eating and sleeping properly to recover from my workouts?
Am I documenting all my numbers for future planning?
Keep it simple. Make a list of small goals, know what your training for and train with a purpose! It's a lot of fun when you have a reason for doing it rather than going in blind and just fumbling around ! If you don't know what to do , hire a trainer such as myself and I can help you plan, set and reach your goals !!

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