Saturday, December 5, 2015

8 Week Challenge !!

Hey everyone ! As the new year is approaching, it's time for you to set some goals ! You are in charge of your life and you have all the ability to start a healthy lifestyle with me !

I am taking on an 8 week challenge for people who are willing to really dedicate 8 weeks to working on their health, wellness, emotional well being, learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices and training. This is for anyone and everyone you know! It is all ONLINE, SKYPE, PHONE and E-MAIL ! I am your coach for 24/7 access and YOU are my priority !

If you are interested please let me know !! I am only accepting 10 people for this 1st challenge and i will start one every 10 weeks !!! Don't wait because the spots will fill up fast !!!

The plan will include:
-This is a 2 phase program: the first month is focusing on nutrition and getting started into a fitness routine. The second month will increase your fat loss, boost your metabolism and create a a NEW you!

-Custom meal plan

-Custom training plan to meet your goals

-24/7 coaching access

-Knowledge and resources to enhance your success long term

Don't wait !!! Contact me today ! (subject 8 week challenge )

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