Thursday, December 31, 2015


Do you LOVE lifting but then feel slow and sluggish through cardio? I mean it would be hard for me to tell you that every single day I am 100% on point. There are many days that I do have to convince myself that I have goals to accomplish and this is part of the grind for that ! Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut with cardio by always going to the same thing because it might be "easier" for you or just by habit. If you can't remember the last time you tried a new cardio routine, now is definitely the time to try something different. Here are four of her go-to routines.
First try the rower but don't just row for time, do something fun!
Warm-up 3-5 min., 20-25 strokes/min.
1 min., 30-35 strokes/min.
1 min., 20-25 strokes/min.
30 sec., 25-30 strokes/min. at a higher resistance level
hop off and do 15 reps of the following
- burpees
-jump squats
-bicep curls
-mt. climbers
then repeat for 3 more times !
Or try out the Spin Bike !
Warm up for 5 min
2 min. "climb" (Increase the resistance as if you were biking up a steady incline at a moderate pace.)
1 min. moderate intensity
20 sec. sprinting; 20 sec. recovery
20 sec. sprinting
1 min. "climb" (High-resistance level.)
30 sec. sprint
30 sec. recovery
Warm-up: 3-5 min. level 8
Level 12: 2 min.
Level 10: 2 min., skipping every other stair and contracting the glutes on the back leg as you step
Level 12: 2 min., walking sideways to the right
Level 8: 1 min.
Level 12: 2 min., walking sideways to the left
Level 14: 1 min.
Don't let cardio hold you back or let you feel like you are in a rut ! have some fun and try these out !

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Everyone started somewhere!

As the new year is approaching, many people are starting to think about their goals. The most common one is to get fit and healthy by starting a new gym program and healthy eating plan. However, if you are not new to the gym and the 1st roll's around you will see many new faces there. I have one kind word of advice: BE WELCOMING !

Yes, you will have people who will sit down for a few seconds on a machine and not really know what to do with it. But just take a second and think back to YOUR first time at the gym? I bet that you didn't really know what you were doing either until you learned !

As with any situation, be a friend and offer guidance and support to someone who might need it. Remember they are there to make a difference in their life and you might just be the one person who really impacted theirs by taking a few seconds to help out!. Just remember this quote:

Everyone needs someone to be a leader in their life. That person can be you to just guide them along the way, Yes the beginning of the year can be challenging for some and others might be embarking on a new chapter in their life. So let's be supportive and caring and help each other out !!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fight Back !!!

One thing that people don't know is that Holiday festivities are HARD for me. It's hard to figure out the route of the problem however I do know that I am a ball of stress that just stays away from everything and everyone. Partly because I know of the internal battle I still struggle with around food and "moderation" and the other part is that desire for being on track, focused and knowing I did everything  that I can do to reach my goals. I know as a competitor things are a little extreme. No they are really extreme but I love this live, this journey and the way I feel doing it.

So over the holiday, I chose to stay on track with food and training like it's any other day. Many people are going to have an opinion about training on a "holiday" but to me it's another day and for me training is my passion so I do what I love. I also have been listening to motivational speeches and there is one in particular that I listened to that really sunk in. I am going to add the link here:

I know this video is LONG but for me it just hit my heart in the right spot. It reminded me that I am the only one to create my journey. There might not be one person who stands behind me that will support what MY goals are and that's ok,. They are MINE ! It reminded me that there is always pain, pain in life, pain in your training, pain with sacrifices but pain is temporary and success is on the other side of pain. 

People live.... but do they truly LIVE ? People die full. Full of ideas, full of hope, full of passion but the fear of "What If" took over and stopped them, The truth is you need to find something within your soul that you are willing to work for, When you find the WHY you find a way to make it happen. You will never move forward if you don't stumble and struggle. People who are successful are those that keep going when the grind gets hard but they don't and won't give up.

The reason for this is for you to start to see the amazing capabilities that you have. People will always try to stop you. People will always put YOUR dreams down. This is YOUR year for you to accomplish your goals! Set your goal. Create a plan. Find your path!!!

This is MY year!  My year to follow my dreams of being a Pro IFBB athlete. My year to make a name for myself in fitness. My year to help a TON of people find their passion. This year no matter what my PASSION comes first. People may not agree with what I do. People may not agree with my life choices but that's OK! This is MY dream. MY passion. MY LIFE !

I hope you can find your WHY ! Find it, hold it, cherish it, and work for it ! You are amazing and life is every evolving and changing. You can't please everyone but you can make for damn sure you can accomplish YOUR DREAMS ! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The truth behind it all!

There is a time and place that your life shifts dimensions and you start to understand the path and journey that you are on. My life has been a pathway of ups,downs, sticky situations, and some success along the way with  A LOT of mistakes that shaped me the way that I am. Most importantly, I learned many valuable lessons. Met a crazy amount of inspirational people. Learned about myself and started recreating my life from the inside out.

Knowing my journey and about how my life was shaped because of it, makes me who I am today. There are many times that the journey was questioned, tested, and sometimes I resented a lot of things I have gone through. However, every little bump in the road has led to a little milestone and every door that closed opened 2 more in my path. I am certain that I am on the path that God intended for me and as I grow through my experiences, trusting the path is better than trying to figure it out on your own.

I am truly happy where I am right now as an athlete and coach. I have created a position in my life where I can really help other people and see amazing changes every day. There is nothing better than someone telling you they are improving. Funny thing is that each person is doing that by themselves and all it takes is me to be there so they see how amazing and capable they are. I find that the hardest times in life come from when you feel like you are alone, lost, and vulnerable. As a coach, mentor and friend, I feel it's more my responsibility to be there as a reminder that they have a special place in this world, they are important to many other people, and that they have abilities deep inside themselves they never knew existed. Sometimes all you need is someone to have just a smidge of faith, love, and support for all of that to pour out of people.

I am grateful for every person I am able to come in contact with. I want to be the friend, support and strength for others when they feel like they don't have one. I know how that feels.I have been in that spot MANY times. Which is why the love of lifting holds a place in my heart. I have always felt like the outsider. I love everything about pushing capabilities. I enjoy training, sweating and feeling like I can conquer the world. Bodybuilding has given me that sense of confidence. A meaning for my training. A way to channel my thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams. It's a place that life has NO limits. I am there for me as my sanctuary of peace. I hope that others can find their place within themselves. There is no greater feeling than being able to feel vulnerable and safe in one spot in your life.

My passion for fitness, health, and helping people is what I am meant to do with my life. My job as a coach is what I LOVE. I will always be a coach and mentor. I want to help others in their life. I want to see success in ALL aspects of the lives of others. My only request is that you find that passion deep inside of you for something more.. thats what this is all about. You never do things in life without a reason. There is always  a WHY !!! Find your why, find your purpose and most of all know that anytime you feel like your alone there is someone out there already standing by your side to pick you up and show you that your more than capable of everything life throws your way !!!


Do you want a healthy treat to eat? This recipe is amazing and it's super protein packed to help you recover post workout ! Are you ready for this one !! Protein JELLO !
YES ! I know how awesome does that sound ? It's so easy to make and you will have a great post workout snack that I will show you how to make a healthy treat!
To make protein jello, find your favorite jello flavor that will mix well with a vanilla protein powder.
First make the jello as it says on the box by bringing 2 cups of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add that to a small baking dish and stir in the jello mix,
Then you add the cold water to a shaker cup with 1 scoop of protein. Add that to a shallow baking dish and stir !
From there you just pop in the fridge and let it set. Once its set now the fun begins !
You can have fun and mix things up. Add this jello to cottage cheese, greek yogurt and add some fruit to have a great post workout or mid day snack !

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fear, Failure and all that other stuff !

Fear, failure and letting it go. Fear is not a bad thing. We all feel it even the super bad-ass people you look up to. In fact, without it we would all be in big trouble. When fear pops up, it’s generally a sign of our our dreams and the edge we are scared to take over. Whether it’s physical, social, emotional, or otherwise, fear calls our attention to an area of our lives we need to work on. It’s really one of our best teachers.
So what is it that stops people from taking the risk and pursuing their dreams? Is it the fear of failure? The fear of being judged? The negative self-talk telling you to just settle and keep your aspirations as a distant unrealistic thought?
But it’s easy to confuse fear with actual danger. We mistakenly assign real risk to our internal fears of failure, embarrassment, ridicule, or any number of things that make us uncomfortable. This can lead to hindering behaviors, including analysis paralysis.
This paralysis happens when you get stuck thinking “what if” or “I’m not good enough” or any of the other nonsense we tell ourselves. This generally leads to a lack of action. But it doesn’t have to be this way and you can get over this hump and after your dreams.
4 Ways to Avoid Fear Paralysis
Breathe: Take some deep breaths. A calm mind will make every step easier.
Get Crystal Clear on Your Goal: What’s your goal? Don’t focus on the obstacles. Not the real ones or the ones you fabricated in your head. Focus on “what is” not “what if.” Are the fears surrounding your goal actually an indication of danger or is your ego afraid of being hurt? The goal is what matters. Hold it in your mind. Emphasize your clear objective and stay focused.
Divide Your Goal Into Smaller Achievable Goals: This strategy will make any challenge seem more doable. Whether it’s losing ten pounds, achieving your first pull up, or landing a new career, to climb the ladder you must take it one step at a time. Don't be afraid of failure. Remember, success can look a lot like failure half way through. There are no real mistakes - just learning opportunities.
Make These Smaller Steps Measurable: It can help greatly to have goals you can actually measure. "Be a better athlete/businessperson/partner,” “Get stronger,” and “Get leaner” are all fine things, but there’s no objective way to know when you’ve reached goals like this.
If everyone were paralyzed with the fear of other people’s opinions, there would be nothing. Respect and admiration are earned much more by people who take a chance and fail, rather than hide and never risk anything. And if you’re not ready to take the risk, please don't judge other people for putting themselves out there.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Lifting will make me HUGE.. HAHA no it wont !

"Lifting will make me HUGE !" Have you heard this before? I have heard this so many times that I wish people would understand the how the body works. Part of the issues is a lack of knowledge in the gym. This is normal for many who are not literally "living" with a dumbbell in their hand. Knowledge is power and once you understand that concept you will learn what you can do to make your lifting more enjoyable and fun !
So now I want to dig into what many women are guilty of, lack of upper body strength. It's funny how I can see mom's dragging their kids and then have one on their back while carrying groceries, but you ask them to lift more than a 15# dumbbell in training and they can't do it. But WHY ? many magazines and fitness articles will highlight the abs, core, and legs but negleget the arms. Can this be because society see that as being "manly"? You already know that you need to carry, hold and hoist things up and that requires muscles. Women listen up.. Start training your upper body !
First,you will NOT get huge and you will not look like the hulk. I will be the first to tell you that lifting makes lean muscles and the only way to pack on a lot of size is by taking something that enhances your physique. In terms of absolute strength, women generally have about two-thirds the strength of men. If I break it down and factor in body weight, the lower-body strength of women is comparable to men, but we still find ourselves lacking in the upper-body department.
Don't be scared of lifting a lot, it's impressive and if anyone has an issue with it they might think twice about speaking their mind at least. Having muscle is a beautiful thing. With shapely shoulders, sculpted arms and a small core, your body is now a masterpiece that YOU created ! You work hard for that body so show some of it off in a nice strapless dress !
Age is upon ALL of us. As we age we get weaker! Researchers found that 40% of women between 55-64 years old, 45% of women between 65-74, and 65% of women between 75-84 were unable to lift ten pounds. I repeat - ten pounds! After the age of thirty, sarcopenia rears its ugly head and we begin to lose that hard-earned muscle mass. As the size of our muscles decrease, so do our strength capabilities. It is never to late to start lifting now. Do you want to be the old person l who doesn’t have enough strength to pick up her cat or the bad-ass grandma who routinely kicks her grand-kids’ butts at flag football?
Alright, this might be a fluke but what if, just what if you are in a dangerous situation and you NEED to get out or save your life? You need to be able to do things that make you stronger so that if you are ever put into an uncompromising circumstance that you have the ability to get out of it. Don't allow yourself to become a damsel in distress. If you have to move something heavy don't you just want to go do it yourself? I know that I would rather struggle through my strength then have someone help me because I physically was not capable.
Another perk of adding mass to your upper body is that all-important increase in metabolism. You all know that the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. If that doesn't spark an interest in you I don't know what will ? !

Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's You vs You.. the good, bad, and ugly!

Everyday waking up it is important to realize that it's YOU vs YOU but sometimes that is very hard to do. It's important to have some competitive nature inside your soul but when that competitiveness comes out in an ugly way against yourself, you need to have some self respect.  I believe that having a competitive nature is one of the most important qualities necessary to reach your goals, BUT it is SO easy to get caught up in the competition. It can become your worst enemy and prevent you from even reaching them. In fact, sometimes it can even stop you in your tracks and freeze you from moving forward.

One of my biggest struggles and insecurities is comparison. Anything and everything I do I have some sort of insecurity about. I tend to way over analyze things and events and place unrealistic expectations on my life. I tend to think in only BLACK or WHITE.There are no in between places. I am all in or nothing at all. In some cases it's great, like discipline in the gym and with diet. However, it's also my worst enemy because I am always so critical of myself that I get lost in my mind and I can't escape it. Don't get me wrong there are some days I feel confident and beautiful but there are other days that I am a complete mess of emotions that just feel like waves of hopelessness that I just hope to pass. 

One thing I have been working on is really learning to see beauty in all I do.No matter if it's big or small when the negative thoughts start to flood my mind I am replacing them with something positive. I am also trying to have more confidence in me. If I wouldn't tell my best friend what I am saying to myself then I shouldn't be saying it. Not every day will be perfect, there will be better days and those are the ones to always keep close.

Do nice things for others. Be kind, Be humble and most of all be selfless in loving yourself !

Friday, December 18, 2015

My BODY is NOT changing.....WHY ?

Why is my body NOT changing ? At some point your body is going to adapt to what you are doing. The only way to shake things up is to CHANGE what your doing now to something else. What happens is that people hit a plateau. Those are not fun and most importantly they can make you second guess everything you put your hard work into. I even fall into this trap because I want it now ! The only way to break through a plateau is to keep pushing forward. It's easier said than done however I have few great tips to keep you on your toes and out of a slump!
The first step is to change your mentality ! If you are just lifting the little weights and not going up but the weights are so easy for you, you are doing injustice to yourself. Lifting heavy will NOT make you bigger. Actually, lifting will make you smaller. Make sure that you are picking a weight that you are challenged by. If you are going for 12 reps and you can go to 15-20 the weight is TO LIGHT. Howerver if you are choosing a weight tan getting only 6-8 reps it might be too heavy. You need to pick a weight that challenges you and a weight that allows you to keep good form.
Cardio in some form is necessary. You do not need to spend hours in the gym slaving over the treadmill. I mean who really does want to do that. Make your cardio sessions, fun so you WANT to do them.The type of cardio you do should also change. You need to add intensity and HIIT training. Forget about watching your favorite tv show, ditch the machine and invest in a weighted vest and you can become the machine that your body was meant to be !
If you start to get bored, switch it up! Add in some functional training that will tax your body and shred it up at the same time. Nothing is better than getting in an awesome workout that challenges you physically to do more! Functional strength training involves performing work against resistance in such a manner that the improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of movements so that an individual’s activities of daily living are easier to perform. The primary goal of functional training is to transfer the improvements in strength achieved in one movement to enhancing the performance of another movement by affecting the entire neuromuscular system.
And the mother of all advice: GET YOUR DIET RIGHT ! I can't state this enough. You need to fuel your body and your workouts to get the results that you desire. If you are just eating trash you will perform like it and results will take a lot long. Trust me on this you can't out perform a bad diet ... EVER !
Using these tips you should be able to pinpoint the stalling point you are having and now you have the tools to fix it !!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Burnout and feeling stuck...

It happens to the best of us. We push as hard as we can for so long and then your mind and body just say NO ! Its the dreaded burnout and it hits HARD and sometimes at the worst moments in your life. I know that for me training is more than lifting weights. Lifting is my ultimate stress relief and I it allows me to escape life for a little. However, our bodies are not always 100% and by always stressing them out with training, at one time or another you just have to take a break. It's funny when you think your  body can manage more stress so you train HARDER,  but when the brain begins to give out warning signs, it's time to start being careful. 

I am one of  many who encounter fatigue syndrome that is so well known when you train hard and for a goal especially when I a, getting ready for a competition. No matter how much I want to just keep going, I have to remember that I am  not a robot. For me that was/is a hard lesson to learn. It's easy to convince the mind to just keep going. Think about how many times you got yourself to workout when you didn't want to keep going. But who wants to face it when you just want to do all the fun at the same time and when your in a solid routine its hard to stop the ball from rolling. 

However the body has a way of saying STOP!  The feeling of barely get out of bed despite many hours of sleep, inability to concentrate on the simplest tasks, the constant mist is not coming out and feeling that nothing is especially fun despite everything goes exactly as you wanted, and very good. Crying for no reason and just feeling overwhelmed at the simplest tasks. I was running a quick race to nowhere besides enormous fatigue and frustration.

 After much mental juggling with myself, I decided, however, to allow even this experience to be a strength and experience. It is an advantage to handle even this mentally in addition to previous experience so even though it has been extremely heavy period now as it has been developing. Injuries or obstacles in training, I can handle but to accept that you can not increase the tempo further, when it has been my strength, has been nothing but my biggest challenge in a long time.However, I have had to accept that I can not force myself to do everything and even more without listening to myself for my own sake, and I'm glad I did this in time. Everyone comes to a point when one must take warning from the body or head seriously and it is my salvation I did it despite the shame and the sense of inadequacy that resulted. 

My love for training sometimes takes over my "real" life. It might be because when I train I feel nothing, I am unstoppable and I am my most calm self. However, burning yourself out for the sake of that "high" you get in training can lead you to just second guess everything in your life. It's time to listen to your body. Listen to your coaches. And most important is to just be real with yourself about what you are doing ! Your mind is powerful but the body is weak and you need to be able to find the balance between how much is good for you and when it starts to become a problem ! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Fears, Failure and taking Risks ... Is it all worth it ?

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure"- Paulo Coelho

Is it the fear of failure? The fear of being judged? The negative self-talk that tells me  to just settle and keep my aspirations as a distant unrealistic thought? Fear is one of those things that has a way to stop you dead in your tracks from doing everything that you dreamed of. There is the voice that sometimes prevents you from seeing the truth behind all of the clutter your brain hides behind. 

For me learning to just feel uncomfortable is hard. I like being successful (don't we all) and I don't like to look foolish or fail at anything. I tend to become paralyzed in my thoughts. This paralysis happens when I get stuck thinking “what if” or “I’m not good enough” or any of the other nonsense I tell myself. This generally leads to a lack of action because I'm too scared to move forward. But it doesn’t have to be this way and its time to chase all of the dreams we believe in our hearts !

Sometimes the fear of not being good enough is hard and I use the judgment of others to validate my own life which is a scary thing. I am learning that I am good enough just as I am and I don't need others approval to be happy or successful ! All I want is to help spread and share my knowledge to everyone about fitness, healthy living and a lot of training along the way !!! 

Cardio or Weights ?? That is the question ?

So many people ask me if they should do weight training or cardio for weight loss. In order to see long lasting results that will stick around, you actually want a mix of both. Cardio has a great impact on your endurance and heart health. You need to have some type of cardiovascular routine in the mix of your training. Lifting weights is also important. Lifting helps you to have more lean muscle mass which in turn will create a faster metabolism and help you burn more calories at rest.
If you want to get into a fun breakdown here is a great way to decipher between lifting and/or doing cardio!!
If you are looking at cardio vs. weight training in terms of calories burnt cardio has a slight advantage. You'll burn 8 to 10 calories a minute hoisting weights, compared with 10 to 12 calories a minute running or cycling. However..... Lifting weights gives you a metabolic spike for an hour after a workout because your body is trying hard to help your muscles recover. That means you can potentially burn an additional 25 percent more calories throughout the day!
If you are feeling stressed out, doing cardio can help clear your mind because it is a mindless distraction that releases healthy endorphin's. For many people, having a stressful day can also mean a killer lifting session!! If you just need to get out some anger, nothing is better than hitting the weights for a strength session.
Cardio can provide you with the immediate sense of accomplishment right after you finished a long run or endurance session. Your going to have more confidence that overflows into other aspects of your life. Weight training really does help you look good because your increasing your lean muscle growth as well as gaining confidence through lifting.
Finally, long days of cardio can put a strain on your body, joints, and muscles. It's important to have days of light training and one of the best preventative measures is to add in weight training into your routine. Not only will it provide your body some rest from grinding on the pavement but it will also help you to strengthen muscles and prevent injuries!!
So as you can see, training needs a partnership between cardio and weights. If you need to pick one over the other try doing a session that has a combination of both so you can reap both of the amazing benefits of lifting and burning a ton of calories !

Saturday, December 12, 2015

8 week Challenge !

Hey everyone ! As the new year is approaching, it's time for you to set some goals ! You are in charge of your life and you have all the ability to start a healthy lifestyle with me !

I am taking on an 8 week challenge for people who are willing to really dedicate 8 weeks to working on their health, wellness, emotional well being, learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices and training. This is for anyone and everyone you know! It is all ONLINE, SKYPE, PHONE and E-MAIL ! I am your coach for 24/7 access and YOU are my priority !

If you are interested please let me know !! I am only accepting 10 people for this 1st challenge and i will start one every 10 weeks !!! Don't wait because the spots will fill up fast !!!

The plan will include:
-This is a 2 phase program: the first month is focusing on nutrition and getting started into a fitness routine. The second month will increase your fat loss, boost your metabolism and create a a NEW you!

-Custom meal plan

-Custom training plan to meet your goals

-24/7 coaching access

-PDF booklet full of tips, recipes and facts to help you along the way

-Knowledge and resources to enhance your success long term

Don't wait !!! Contact me today !

There's nothing wrong with you .... or me

Hey everyone,

So here's a bit of a confession, there are days that just seem like I have 1 million thoughts without any direction. I tend to be scatter minded, want one thing one second and another in the blink of an eye. Too many times I find myself on that road of doubt and insecurity. That needs to stop ! Whenever things start going in a good place, I find a way to add worry, stress and doubt to help "prepare" for the worst. So instead of just thinking of all the great and amazing things that can happen, I tend to get buried in a world of fear. I have a TON of fears, starting with with fear of failure. Sure many people don't like to fail however, I am so extremely hard on myself that I am almost always over whelmed with that fear.

Fear of failure, fear of disappointment and fear of not being accepted. Those three things are what prevent me from moving forward on many things. Failure is hard for anyone, but prevention of failure is almost counterproductive to life. See I wont try or do something out of fear, and that is good and bad. Fear is debilitating. It's controlling and sometimes fill my mind with uncertainty. I put on a good face. I try to make the outside seem great when deep inside I have fears and insecurities that overtake my mind, soul and wellbeing. Not many people understand the dark places your mind can take you until you get there. You will never want to be alone in your head again yet doubt creeps in if you can't learn to control your thoughts.

Fear of disappointment is another fear that goes along with failure. Of course if you fail you just disappointed someone, and most likely that person is you. Ask yourself : Who do you do things for ? Are you really trying to feel like you belong ? Do you really want to fit in? I am learning this as the days go by that my opinion of myself is all that SHOULD matter and that I will not disappoint anyone. Hard part is that I am my own worst critic therefore I tend to hold my fear of disappointment very high and not wanting to disappoint myself. Silly I know. It sounds odd when I say it outloud but that is how my mind works. I am hard on myself because I don't want to fail and I want to be accepted.

Now moving on to the acceptance part. Everyone in life has a place. There is beauty in everything. I wish I believed that.... I have a hard time with feeling accepted. I always feel like the outsider and the black sheep of the group. I am an introvert and I tend to stay to myself. I don't like feeling like  I am bothering others and once again this loops into the fear of disappointing someone else and feeling like a failure to them. Funny how all of these things go together.

I made a promise that I would help others. I would help people get healthy and strong on the outside and inside. I want to help others so living life everyone would feel accepted and loved. This is why I chose the path I have chosen as a coach. I want to help others. Be a mentor and friend. Most importantly I want each person to feel and know they are worth everything they are right now at this very moment!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cravings... Oh when they HIT they HIT HARD !

If you are human you have cravings. Sometimes those craving are for good foods that provide nourishment to your body and other times your craving foods because of emotions. I bet you can recall a time that you gave into your craving and it was like this surge of energy that you couldn't stop. Then you have other cravings that you can just focus on something else and it will go away, but what causes this to happen? Like the times I can sit and eat a jar of peanutbutter in minutes without thinking !! Sometimes I just feel like I can't control myself and wonder what is going on !

Let's start by distinguishing your cravings in 3 categories: supportive, dispersive, and associative.
Supportive cravings occur when the body instinctively wants a particular food that enhances the healing process, fulfills a nutritional need, or neutralizes an imbalance in the body. Supportive cravings may arise that seem sensible and obvious, or unexpected and beyond nutritional understanding. Have you ever craved citrus foods when suffering from a cold or flu? It’s easy to justify this biologic desire considering the vitamin C content of oranges and grapefruits, and the cleansing effect of fruit on the body These cravings are unique to the individuals who experience them, and would probably prove useless for most others. The bottom line here: the body craves because the body knows.
A dispersive craving is a desire for a food that drains health and diminishes our energy. Though the intensity of a dispersive desire may be as strong as the intensity of a supportive one, the ultimate effects of yielding to such cravings might be feeling heavy, feeling de-energized, and feeling guilty. Many of us long for foods we suspect will yield an adverse reaction, especially when eaten in excess: sugar, alcohol, fried food, and junk food are some obvious examples. We yearn for meaning, purpose, love, and the fulfillment of our desires. Behind every human act, no matter how singular or small, is a yearning for more: more life, more depth of experience. Through the many difficulties and obstacles we face, our yearnings may become distorted. The natural yearning for inner strength may become a compulsion for power over others. Don't allow your heart to get in the way and give into these cravings as they will surely disappoint in the long run !
An associative craving is an odd cross between the other two. It occurs when we yearn for a food that has a rich, deep, and meaningful association with out past. Think of a memory from childhood of you cooking or baking with your grandmom. You can distinctively recall the foods, smells, and feelings from this. By surrendering to such a craving we can visit our past, and re-live feelings that may bring their own special healing moment, regardless of the nutritional inferiority of the food. The theory behind it all is that biology and nostalgia can make a fascinating and memorable meal.
You can learn to decipher these feelings and dissociate them from food or give into a food craving for a feel good endorphin rush. Finding that soulful connection can be the piece that you are longing for in your life that will bring peace and serenity to your day !

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Goal setting and new Fitness Adventures

Nothing is better than having a goal!! No matter what you love doing, whether its painting, cooking, or training having a goal with an end line in sight is easier to keep you working towards something. I know that when I have a goal to do a show or a competition, I set a date, sign up and never look back ! Then I create a plan to attack that goal in training and all other aspects of my life !
So for 2016 one of the many things that are fitness related that I want to try is an obstacle race. However, that requires a little bit of training and that means I need to learn how to practice that! one of the best things about obstacle course racing is training. It offers me a chance to get out of the traditional gym environment, off the paved roads and onto the trails. Often, I learn more about myself by forcing challenges.
The biggest thing in a race is the actual run. If you aren’t a strong runner, then walking or hiking might be a better place to begin. Since almost every mud run and obstacle course race involves trails, fields, and in many cases, mountains, the first step is to get comfortable on the trails. Running trails causes a different demand on the body and mind.
If your up for it, try out this fun little trail run !
beginner trail workout is perfect for you to start to engage your muscles in a new way on the trail and begin to build the upper body strength needed for many of the obstacles in a mud run or obstacle course race. If you are new to trail running, pick an easy to moderate trail in your area that is flat to moderately hilly. If you are more advanced, pick a trail that suits your ability.
Hill & Trail TrainingWorkout Time: 60 Minutes
Every 15 Minutes STOP DROP
15 – Air Squats
15 – Burpees
60 sec plank hold
It might look easy but it will get harder as you go. Test out your limits and try not to take many breaks !
Once you get good at this you can then add in some FUN training. Find a tree and do some pull ups or even jump from rock to rock if you can. Also if you can find an odd object try walking with it for a little bit and challenge your endurance. You will have so much fun just experiencing nature and the challenges it brings!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some days .....

Did you ever feel like some days in life are just easier than others? Every once in a while I get a day from hell where I just feel like the world is against me. However, I know that I can make an issue out of anything so I try to keep rational. But goodness when life is throwing lemons it's hard to make sweet lemonade without sugar!!!

Learning about myself and my character is always a challenge. I find it hard to be "easy" on myself when I can be over giving to others. Saying no is always a challenge and finding balance in life is never one thing that I was good at. I am a do or do not kind of person. Black and white but nothing in between. Yes I'm good with being disciplined and I am good at structure but I am NOT ok with going with the flow or not having a PLAN!

I am finding out that I am never going to blend in with everyone else partially because I just don't want to. I enjoy finding things to challenge myself with and I enjoy things that most people would never dare of doing. My lifestyle is ODD and STRANGE. Sometimes people even tell me that I am crazy and they could NEVER do it. For me this is how I enjoy living. I like to have a plan, I like feeling disciplined and most of all I enjoy being the oddball!

I am embracing this character trait and just rolling with it. So what if I am not what YOU want, I am what I want and opinions come and go. Like my hubby told me today, treat opinions like a screen door, allow people to talk through the door without really getting in my head !

So for today, I kept repeating this to myself




Period .. no questions asked !!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Say What you Mean

Did you ever need to talk to someone but you just didn't know how to start the conversation? The one thing about people that bothers me the most is trying to beat around the bush in order to say something. Confrontation either good or bad is sometimes a challenge to address. However, you need to learn to say exactly what you mean each and every time you speak. It does take time and practice but in the end people will understand there is no hidden meaning behind what you say.

The first step to recognizing your communication barriers is to take a closer look at the lessons you learned in your earliest relationships. Think back to your relationship with your parents, friends or significant other. How did you differ in each relationship and what was different? Think about the conversation and how you felt. Did you respect their feelings and opinions and their beliefs? Did they respect you and your feelings? These are the things you need to think about when communicating with others.
Once you have reflected a bit on what you learned about communication, think about how you see these early lessons playing out in your relationships as an adult.Are there certain people that are more difficult to communicate with?Are there certain topics that create an immense amount of anxiety or avoidance in you when you even think about talking about them? What are your communication hot buttons in your relationships? Are you respected when you communicate with certain people or do you have a hard time expressing your thoughts based on their reaction?
Spending some time exploring these early messages will likely reveal subtle, or significant, blocks for you in your interpersonal communication. Start with the small stuff. Even with the small stuff, things can seem big. Some people actually have more difficulty with the small stuff, like saying where you’d like to go on a date, or that you don’t like sushi, or that you’d rather scratch your eye balls out than watch another football game. I am encouraging you to think about all of your communication on big and small topics with integrity, honesty, mindfulness, and love for yourself and others.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

8 Week Challenge !!

Hey everyone ! As the new year is approaching, it's time for you to set some goals ! You are in charge of your life and you have all the ability to start a healthy lifestyle with me !

I am taking on an 8 week challenge for people who are willing to really dedicate 8 weeks to working on their health, wellness, emotional well being, learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices and training. This is for anyone and everyone you know! It is all ONLINE, SKYPE, PHONE and E-MAIL ! I am your coach for 24/7 access and YOU are my priority !

If you are interested please let me know !! I am only accepting 10 people for this 1st challenge and i will start one every 10 weeks !!! Don't wait because the spots will fill up fast !!!

The plan will include:
-This is a 2 phase program: the first month is focusing on nutrition and getting started into a fitness routine. The second month will increase your fat loss, boost your metabolism and create a a NEW you!

-Custom meal plan

-Custom training plan to meet your goals

-24/7 coaching access

-Knowledge and resources to enhance your success long term

Don't wait !!! Contact me today ! (subject 8 week challenge )

Nobody said it would be Easy!

Hey guys !!! This is the second month of my "pre" season prep for the stage and I couldn't be happier with what my body is doing. I have come to realize how much I have learned about myself and my body from training in many aspects and domains of fitness. For what I do in training has a direct correlation to my body and how it responds. Everyone has different goals to accomplish just like every person is different. It's not an easy road at all and I will be the first to tell you there are days that I would rather just throw in the towel and give up. On the flip side, in those moments are when you did deeper than you could ever imagine and find the real root of your passion and your WHY.

As a trainer the 1st question I always ask is WHY ? Why are you wanting to start to lead a healthier life? Why are you wanting to learn how to train? Why do you want to do this for you ? Most of the time on the surface it's a vain answer of: I want to look good. But then the truth starts to trickle out as they start to realize the truth behind the WHY and then the emotions follow. If you can learn to figure out what is the real reason you want to do this for you, then you already discovered something amazing about yourself. Training always will test your mind, willpower, and determination of how much you want it, Many times the real reason is a deep rooted issue that happened from years ago that wake your soul up at night. For me, it's the "dark" place in my thoughts that only training can channel it to come out and discover the root behind many former issues I once had.

My WHY comes from a wanting to be accepted due to fear of others opinions. I will be the first to admit that if you tell me that you do not agree with something I am doing, I will have immediate second thoughts about it. Funny thing is that when it comes to training, I am confident and certain it is the path for me. IT IS MY ADDICTION, and I am ok with saying that. Yes it makes me feel good. Yes it makes me challenge myself. Yes it's my one place to just unwind. For others that addiction is something else, might be bad or good but we all have one. Each day I make the decision to wake up and face my inner thoughts (aka demons) and power through my day. Lifting and training makes all that chatter, doubt and fear go away and I am invincible in the moment.

It's an amazing feeling when you figure out your WHY? What is it that makes you feel passion? What makes you feel invincible? Whatever your WHY go find it and do that because that is where your heart leads you to figure out the things that make you motivated and give you a willingness to push the limits to become more than you know you are capable of !!!

It's not easy but it's totally worth it ! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Strong is the NEW skinny!

Strong is the new skinny as loving your body for what it can DO vs. how it looks is the new shift that the fitness world is taking on by storm.This is an excellent shift to how we view ourselves but there has to more of a correlation between the physical aspect of loving your body and how the mind works along with it !
From a young age we are conditioned to believe that in order to be successful you must be attractive physically.This tends to have a huge impact on how we view ourselves in life. Since the media has the biggest influence on "what" society feels we should look like, there tends to have this pressure of conforming to this norm.
The body acceptance movement has a great impact on showing women of all different shapes and sizes that being confident is more than skin dep. However, it can be impossible to embrace and force this upon yourself if you really don’t like your body. That is because you can’t love your body if you only see your body as the limiting factor.
Your body-esteem only represents a small percentage of your self-esteem, however they tend to become wrapped up into one thought process. The way we feel about ourselves is tied to the way we feel about our body. More often than not, when we are feeling dislike for a particular area of our body, we are actually experiencing some other kind of issue that we are channeling onto our body. Things such as stress, shame, guilt, fear, anger, insecurity and any other emotion or self-deprecating thought all manifest into us hating our bodies, when in fact they have nothing to do with our body.
When you feel bad about your body, this is a side effect of something else going on. It’s actually not about your body. This is why focusing on “loving your body” in the absence of seeing the bigger picture is not effective. It's easy to deflect your problems to your body because it's easier to just blame yourself. It’s much easier to cut back on carbs and calories or get your hair done than address self-esteem issues, relationship or career troubles, and generally difficult emotions. However, if you neglect to see this distinction and ignore the core issues, you will never be able to truly love your body. You will be treating the symptom and not the root cause.
The first step is awareness of the separation between body-esteem and self-esteem and making an effort to decode your feelings about your body. Use these feelings as an opportunity to investigate what other areas of your life need attention. Take a look at what events have happened recently or are about to happen. When you can see the true source of your negative body feelings, then you can begin to foster compassion, forgiveness, and change in these areas of your life.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul

If you are moving around on a daily basis through training, sitting at a desk or have loads of stress that you need to get rid of, channeling that energy to doing yoga can be the best scenario to calm your mind and body.Incorporating yoga in to your current programming is excellent for performance and mobility.Yoga utilizes postures or asanas designed to work through the entire body leading to meditation and relaxation. These asanas dive deep into the layers of the physical body, bringing mind and body into balance.
Through the physical form of yoga everyone can benefit from mobility, flexibility, balance, strength and agility. These physical aspects can that can aid in athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and aid in rehabilitation and strengthen your posture.
Properly strengthening and lengthening the musculature of the body improves alignment, posture, and expose overuse injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, groin or hamstring sprains and more.
The mind/body aspect of a yoga creates a mental practice that integrates a connection to all dimensions. Using breath techniques, visualization, relaxation, mediation, and introspection. Diving into the connection between the mind and body allows one to be present, reflect, and adapt. This experience may come as complete shift in the way an athlete approaches his/or her sport and mental focus and psychological wellbeing.
There are many different styles of yoga practiced today including: Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Iyengar, Bikram, and many more.Vinyasa flow emphasizes flexibility, strength, and stamina while calming the body with breath through a flow of postures.While focusing on alignment this style of yoga is complementary to all adaptations whether it's in life or in your sport.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Staying Healthy through the Holidays!

We all know the fun holiday's bring us but we also know that it can cause stress to your mind and body. I know that I am always on the run going from house to house trying to see family and friends to enjoy the company of others. However this starts to take a toll. If you want to stay healthy you need to take care of your mind and body throughout the holiday's!!! 
 Nothing is worse than getting sick in the middle of winter around the holidays!!! To stay healthy you need to amp up your immune system and take care of your body and mind !!! I have a few things that can be SUPER helpful to keep you right on track !!
First off, get enough sleep. Yes we all choose to compromise our sleep for other things but in the end you will find that your sleep is critical for staying healthy, repairing your body and recharging your mind.
It's the holidays.... YES go and enjoy BUT - Don't make it a Holiday MONTH !!!!! Many people fall off the wagon of fitness and right onto the segway to extra pounds then in January they want the express route to bikini land! It's very common to just have the "I deserve it" mentality but you still need to have some control and keep your goals in check!
Have a game plan before arriving to a party. First you should eat a balanced meal or snack and don't starve yourself. This will keep you from attacking the food table and eating anything in sight. t. Look for vegetable platters with hummus or salsa, salads without creamy dressings and lean proteins like chicken skewers and shrimp cocktails are great to add to your plate. For dessert, try fruit and if you need a cocktail go for a wine spritzer with ice and seltzer, or sip vodka with seltzer and lime. It’s fine to put a small portion of a treat or two on your place, just make sure it’s surrounded by healthy foods.
The gym= germs !! Yes it's true, it's gross and it's somewhat avoidable. Keep antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizing gel in your gym bag for a backup. Keep your hands away from your face, eyes and mouth. Wash your hands as much as possible, especially before you leave the gym. If you wear weight-training gloves make sure to toss them in the washer every couple of days. If you should happen to cut yourself while training make sure to wash your hands first and then treat the wound effectively. Staph infections are not uncommon in the gym.
Stick to your regular gym habits and don't do marathon workouts to make up for the holidays ! While it’s important to stick with your workouts throughout the holiday season, overtraining will exhaust your body, possibly risk injury, and weaken your immune system.
If you go to work when it’s dark in the morning, work out in the gym, and return home in the evening when it’s dark, the lack of sunlight during November and December can lead to a vitamin D deficiency and possibly spiral into seasonal affective disorder (SAD) depression symptoms as well. You may want to supplement with vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). Include foods higher in vitamin D3, such as, oranges, egg yolks, fatty fish and low fat cheese to name a few.
Lastly, the holiday's are about having fun, being with friend, family and enjoying time together. Don't become so over involved that you start to stress out.The most important remedy of all during the holidays is smile and laugh. Laughter releases endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers. Don’t take yourself too seriously. When you’re starting to feel stressed or anxious, stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths. Just five minutes of meditation has been show to reduce stress and calm nerves.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Follow me !!

If you want to change your body, challenge yourself and see AMAZING results for the hard work you put in, LET ME HELP YOU SUCCEED ! 

If you want to change your life, all your missing is a plan. I can provide you with a plan for success that you can follow and see results from ! Just like every single on of you is different so are the ways you need to train ! No cookie cutter plans, everything is created to challenge your body and make you unleash all your potential through nutrition !!

Contact me today to get started !! Your health and fitness goals are worth it ! I can help you acheive any goal: Want to run a 5k? Want to do a show? Or do you want to learn how to eat healthy for your lifestyle and train in the gym ?? Know your goals and I will plan the rest !!!

Follow me @burdafitness_sara on Instagram for sample workout ideas 

Contact me at sep_ejb18@yahoo,com for more information on training and nutrition plans !!! 

Are you working to your FULLEST potential ??

If you are working hard at achieve your top physique many times you can forget that the little things matter.If you’re not satisfied with your body, be honest and ask yourself, “Have I truly taken the proper steps to achieve my goal?” If not, the following tips can help you get on the right track and make your training time more productive.I know that I sometimes don't "want" to do something that is programmed because it's hard, but those hard reps and sets can challenge your character and your body !!! That is where change happens !!!! As a trainer there are few things I look at when working with clients and how to build a CUSTOM plan to make sure you are see the results you need !!! 
First off you need to know and understand your genetics and what your body is capable of doing. You don't want to be training without a purpose. Just like girls when you get a hair cut, if your hair doesn't have the makeup to hold a style, it just won't work. Same goes for your body. Too many times I encounter people who have a shape that they just don't want to embrace to work on making what they have already symmetrical. Look at the following:
Bone length factors - torso, upper leg, lower leg, and arms.
Muscle size, origin, and insertion factors - long or short muscle bellies and where they attach to your skeleton.
Width/girth factors - the width of your hips and shoulder girdle, and rib cage protrusion. Girth-wise, factor in your hips, lower torso (abdominals), and upper torso (chest) in combination with your existing muscle mass.
If you’re naturally tall and skinny, it will be more difficult to build a lot of muscle mass. If you’re wide at the lower torso and narrow at the shoulders, you can probably rule out the V-shape in your upper body.All these thing play a factor in how your body responds to training and you need to utilize what you already have and make it work!
This might seem like an obvious tip but work hard !! Don’t shy away from those last few difficult repetitions in a set if you can safely do them. Those extra few seconds could be the difference between an effective overload stimulus and something less than that. Run or work harder in your cardio.Do everything with a purpose and intent.Adjust your intensity variables. Add volume, lower the rest time, and increase effort in some capacity within training. This advice may generic, but it's important to progressively make your training more demanding.
Make sure you are eating to FUEL your body and make good nutritional choices. Sure this might mean you have to sacrifice meals with friends or even bring your food when going out but there are choices that you need to make if you really want to have a big difference in your body.
Make a plan, set a goal and go after it ! Ask yourself:"What do I want to achieve ?" Are you taking the steps to get there?o you want to get stronger? There is a plan for that. Improve your cardiovascular endurance? There is a plan for that. Eliminate body fat? There is a plan for that.
Don’t just aimlessly “work out.” Have a structured plan aimed directly at your goal. Ask yourself these questions:
Am I training consistently?
Am I training hard and resting hard?
Am I methodically increasing the difficulty of my workouts over time?
Am I eating and sleeping properly to recover from my workouts?
Am I documenting all my numbers for future planning?
Keep it simple. Make a list of small goals, know what your training for and train with a purpose! It's a lot of fun when you have a reason for doing it rather than going in blind and just fumbling around ! If you don't know what to do , hire a trainer such as myself and I can help you plan, set and reach your goals !!