Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unclutter you Life !!!

Did you know that what you have on your counter in the kitchen can be a direct influence on your weight ? It's true, as the saying goes: Out of sight out of mind. What if your counter is full of sweets, treats and clutter ?? A new study from Cornell University underscores the negative effects of having "treats" on the counter. Women who kept fresh fruit out in the open tended to be normal weight, while those who stored breakfast cereals and soda where they could see them weighed significantly more. In fact, in homes with counters that housed soft drinks the women weighed 24 to 26 pounds more than those who kept their kitchen surfaces clear of sugary beverages. Women with kitchens that displayed cereal boxes were on average 20 pounds heavier.
Why ?? onclusions are probably pretty obvious to assume that when you keep unhealthy foods visible and within reach you’re much more likely to overindulge. The opposite is also true if you are stashing less than healthy options in cupboards reduces the chances you’ll grab them, either due to hunger, boredom, or habit. So how can you fix this ?? Easy !! Start by getting the good for you foods in the front of the fridge and in the cabinet and put the treats far in the back where you have do dig to get them.
Here are some tips !
Rearrange your refrigerator
Devote the bulk of the space in your fridge to the healthy foods you want to eat more often; it’s also smart to make these easily accessible.That means cut, chop and peel anything that you can grab quick and eat as a healthy snack! If they are ready to eat you are more likely to eat it !
Pre-portion foods you may overeat
When I store pre-cooked whole grains in my fridge, like quinoa or brown rice, I always leave a half cup measuring cup right inside or on top of the container to measure it out. If you tend to grab a too generous handful of nuts, take a few minutes to divide a larger jar into several small bags or containers. It’s a small but highly effective step, because let’s face it, you’re lot less likely to stop to do this when you’re hungry or busy.
Create hurdles to getting to your goodies
Make your treats harder to access. Put it on the top shelve or all the way in the back. You are less likely to want to bend and dig to get it and by the time you reach it you feel like it's not worth it anyways. You also can do the sticky note method and write phrases on them such as: Is this bringing you closer or farther from a healthy lifestyle ? It makes you stop and think for a second!
Pre-cook meals for the week
If you plan ahead you are more likely to stick to your plan. By doing this you are creating success and have ample healthy foods to pack for the week of meals !!!
Don't let tiny slips spoil your healthy lifestyle ! Use these tips to create a functional habit that you can use for the long run !

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