Friday, November 20, 2015

Sit better to move better

If you want to move better you need to learn to "rest" better. I don't mean sitting on the couch, I mean using active resting positions like squatting, kneeling,sitting cross legs, sitting long legs and side ways!
Let's start with the squat! It’s a fundamental building block of human movement. The full squat puts the legs in the unique position of triple flexion, flexing the ankles, knees, and hips. This brings length to some of the most overworked muscles in the body. Ideally the squat is done with feet facing forward, heels close to the ground, and knees tracking toes without collapsing into the arches of the feet.
Kneeling is overlooked as an adult.Kneeling gives the body a huge number of options to explore. You can kneel low or tall, with toes tucked under or pointed behind you.Some individuals will need padding under the butt to rest comfortably (particularly if the quadriceps have excess tension). If your knees are sensitive, make sure to pad beneath them as well. From kneeling, you can easily find the fold up position (or child’s pose) to bring more length to the back in global, whole-spine flexion.
Long leg sitting is my favorite !Sitting with the legs extended in front of you can be quite revealing. Ideally you should be sitting on our ischial tuberosities, those bony bumps beneath the pelvis. Explore this position with both legs out, or one leg tucked in.
If doing a long leg sit is hard try a cross legged version of them. Just cross your legs into a pretzel shape and find a comfortable position to rest into.
The last position to try is side sitting. In this position, one hip is in internal rotation, while the other is in external rotation. This position may strain the knees if they are forced to compensate for overly tight hips. Pay close attention to differences as you switch from one side to the other. You will have a better side just like with life. You might prefer the non dominate side even ! !
These are natural positions for the human animal. If your body doesn’t work the way a body should, movement will suffer. One surprisingly simple way to improve your movement is to rest better. Use these resting positions to tap into the body’s natural ability to tune itself.

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