Friday, November 27, 2015

One Month Progress !!! I don;'t Conform ... I Adapt !

Today marks one month since diving back into my training for NPC. Originally I planned to do Figure again but then I realized that my heart has always been to compete for physique so I made a decision along with my coaches to start training for NPC Women's Physique. I post more natural in physique and I am more confident just training HARD !!! My love for moving heavy weights and just hard training is why I love being able to have a bigger size in this sport !

Taking progress photos is always a challenge as I am very critical of how I look and always expect to see a "stage" photo. But after taking countless photos and then comparing them to last month its nice when you can see obvious changes in a good way !!! I am more excited now that my body is adapting amazing to training and diet as I was giving myself a break and I did CrossFit for about 4 months as a "new" style of training. However, my love is bodybuilding and I like the way I feel and look when training that way. If I am training hard I want to have the obvious external look of aesthetics to match that.

I know to some it might sound conceited but the bodybuilding world has many challenges that needs to be faced and overcome. Hours of prep, dieting, training, sleepless night, early mornings and constant concern of how your body will look on stage are just a small part of what goes on during prep. I enjoy looking, performing, and feeling good about myself and when I train like a bodybuilder I have the perfect harmony of all three.

Since I am involved in both sides, CrossFit and Bodybuilding, I am always the outsider in both domains. In a "regular" globo gym, I am that obnoxious CrossFit person if I am doing HIIT cross training with oly lifting. The same goes for the CrossFit community with the ongoing joke of me doing "Bro Workouts" with my Bro Diet.  The funny thing is that my style of training is just to have fun doing it and enjoying every minute. I adapt to my surroundings. I push the limits of both and I am happy being the oddball !!!

So here is a sneak of this months progress :

I will never settle for anything less than what I am capable of ! 

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