Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Keep it FUN !

One of the best ways to keep on track with a fitness goal is to have something to work towards. One of the best starting goals is to do a 5 k. It's a mid range run for 3.2 miles that many people can learn to do within a few months if you put your mind to it. There are some really cool beginner strategies that you can use to help motivate you to push towards that goal.
Here are 5 Tips to Take Your Fun Run to the Next Level
1.) Hydrate
A lot of people think the 5K is such a short race that hydration is not as important. Wrong! Hydration for even the shortest races is still important. Especially is you want to get to that sub 20 minute level we are talking about. Make sure you are drinking enough water days before the race and then after the race replenish with electrolytes and sodium to replace what was lost.
2.) Negative Splits
Another big issue with people wanting to run a fast 5K is going too fast too early. People feel like they can just run a FAST pace from the start of the race and then they try to keep a ridiculous and unachievable pace. This will create a huge burnout for the last have of the 5K. Try to have a medium pace for the first mile and settle into the run. Mile two increase and your final mile just give it all you got and GO !
3.) Run More Than the Race
If you are training for a 5K that doesn’t mean run a 5K everyday, or worse, run less than a 5K and plan on the “X-Factor” making an appearance on race day. You need to mix it up with different distances, intervals, hills etc..But most of all make sure you can maintain an uncomfortable pace past the race distance. This will not only help out your conditioning a ton, but it will also help you mentally. Because if you have already been there you won’t be scared.
4.) Speed Work
One of my favorites is speed work, if done correctly, is one of the most beneficial. You alternate intervals of fast paced running with a recovery pace for rounds throughout your run. This will help increase your pace time and also keep things fun !
5.) Have Fun
Last but not least, have fun. If you can’t find any fun in what you do you will soon despise what you do. Make sure you have a good time when you are running a race. Get a free t-shirt, take some good pics, and have a great time!
So go out there, get motivated, find a running buddy and sign up for a local 5k fun run and enjoy training !

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