Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Have Fun with Training!!

Hey everyone !!

So I thought I would write about training especially training for a competition or a specific goal. I have been training for a long time. I have set many goals to accomplish and prepping for shows has been the biggest one that I have done which is mental challenging just as much as your body is. Knowing how to push yourself on days that you are not feeling like training or going to do double days can become difficult at times. Not to mention that you will be making choices to eat healthy around the holiday's and might miss out on social events. All of these things play a HUGE role in your perseverance.

There are many ways to get distracted.. I'm tired, I'm sore, I just can't find the time. But in the end if you truly want to be successful in ANY aspect of your life, you need to put your mind to it and just make the time happen. The same goes for your fitness and healthy living. You need to make the time for you and for your training.

Making your training FUN and enjoying it will always keep you on track ! Never do something you hate over and over again because that will cause you to quit and not accomplish your goal. For instance, my training for competitions are the same for a full month but I continue to challenge myself through lifting heavier and enjoying the training session. I get one day of HIIT where I just go and "play" through my training. Most of the time my HIIT days are harder than regular lifting because I get caught up in the fun and just keep going.

I enjoy training, challenging my body, challenging my mind. Most of all I enjoy just having fun in my training. I want to be open with everyone through this prep. It's never an easy journey but it is a FUN one. I wouldn't trade anything I do or complain about certain parts. You find your love, embrace the process, and enjoy every moment of it !

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