Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving !! Today is a day to just enjoy the family and friends that surround your life filling it with love. You should take time to just relax BUT before you do, think about getting in a good sweat session to make room for the turkey !! You will have a few good days of filling foods and you shouldn't use this time as an excuse to just lay off the workouts !! This is the perfect time to put the turkey to good use !
No equipment or gym required! Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in one minute, moving from one to the next without stopping. Rest 90 seconds, then repeat the circuit a total of three or four times.
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Squat Jumps
3. Side-to-Side Hops: Keeping your knees slightly bent and feet together, imagine you're jumping back and forth over a line on the floor.
4. Burpees: Squat to place your hands on the ground, jump back into a plank position, and do a pushup. Reverse the move to return to standing, jumping off the ground to finish each rep.
If you ARE going to a gym try out this interval cardio post lifting to speed up your metabolism
To up the effort, increase the incline, resistance, or speed.
0-5 minutes: Warmup (easy effort—you can sing at this pace)
5-7 minutes: Moderate effort (you can carry on a conversation)
7-10 minutes: Hard effort (you can speak a few words at a time)
10-12 minutes: Moderate effort
12-14 minutes: Recovery (easy effort)
14-16 minutes: Very hard effort (you're huffing and puffing too much to talk)
16-20 minutes: Cooldown (easy effort)
Be sure you follow up your training session with good healthy foods like turkey and this is the perfect time to feed your muscles some carbs !!!

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