Monday, November 23, 2015

Clean Eating !

I eat clean but what is eating clean ? Your answer and mine will have variations. What is eating clean ? Is it eating foods that are not processed? A clean diet could include meat, dairy, and grains, or it could exclude one or all of these groups. With all of these options and more, it’s hard to know which approach is best.
Often you might think your diet is healthy because it is full of fruits, veggies, and lean meats. And yet the scale isn’t moving the way you would like it to and your body isn't changing. What could the problem be? You might be making small nutritional errors that are holding you back.
First, are you making the right choices when choosing snacks? Are you eating mindlessly or are you eating for your goals. Snacks sometime can become mindless munching and you don't even realize it until the bag of chips are gone.Choosing snacks that are raw such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are some great options.
Do you track your food? Do you measure? How do you know how much you are eating if you are not keeping track of it? It might seem like more work to weigh and measure your food but in the long run you will have a better idea of what you are consuming thus you will then have more control over your body and nutrition.
Learn how to can food, or make friends with someone who cans. Canning your own food has loads of benefits like longevity, better taste than store-bought, and no mystery chemicals or additives. You can also can food in Mason jars instead of aluminum cans, which gets rid of the metallic taste of grocery store canned foods. Plus they stay good for a long time and who doesn't want fresh foods all year round.
Speaking of fresh foods, support your local farmers and buy your produce from a fresh market stand. There are many places that offer services that deliver fresh produce, dairy, and meat to a location near you. This is a great way to experiment with fruits or vegetables you may have never tried, like kohlrabi or jackfruit. You also support local farms and gain access to fresh, clean food.
On a final note, understanding how your body works with foods is important. Do you have any intolerance? Is your gut health in check and working properly? Locate food sensitivities and don’t ignore them. Sensitivities may be caused by fruit, gluten, or dairy. I even have a friend who is allergic to red meat. Both major and minor food sensitivities can disrupt digestion and cause stomach aches, so pay attention to the symptoms. When your stomach is uncomfortable, reach for what is comfortable. Avoiding discomfort altogether is the way to go.
By combining these tips with what your already doing might help you overcome that plateau and see more changes in your body with a simple exchange !!!

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