Friday, November 13, 2015

Build a Better Booty !

So you want to build your booty ? Don't know where to start but you know that it's time for some serious glutes !!! Squats can get BORING but there are a ton of great variations to get your rear in gear !! Try out some of these exercises next time you are in the gym !
-Back Squats
Learning how to squat properly is your number one goal. You should have control on both the down and up phases of the squat. Your goal is to reach 90 degrees. Keeping your chest lifted, squat down with an upright torso as low as you can safely go. START LIGHT and keep practicing. or lower in the bottom position.
-Kneeling squats for the glutes
Start on a smith machine because if offers more control. You will want to be in a kneeling position and the bar on your back. To set it up, use a pad on the floor for your knees and set the bar just below your shoulders from standing up on your knees. Place the bar on your upper back and engage your glutes while you move your booty back and lower with control. When your butt just barely touches your lower legs or heels, move your hips forward while squeezing your glutes.
-Jefferson Squats
Take a wide stance, with the bar between your legs. Squat down and grasp the bar with one hand in front and the other hand behind you (the bar will be between your legs). With your chest lifted, squeeze your glutes, keep your knees from collapsing inward and rise up out of the squat position with the barbell, without locking out at the top. Try to keep your glutes contracted the entire movement and get LOW in this squat.
-Pause squats
The more time, the more tension, the more damage to your muscles, the more growth and change! Pick any squat and any stance you like and instead of just squatting down all the way and rising up for one rep, you’ll squat down, rise up about halfway, go back down all the way, then rise up to equal one rep. You’ll hate me, but I look forward to your new booty!
-Overhead Squat
This move is for more advance lifters who have proper shoulder development to hold the overhead positioning. Start in a standing position with a light barbell and pressing the bar into a wide grip press directly up overhead.. Anytime you’re doing a squat with the load above your head, the dynamics of the movement change substantially. Keep an erect spine and squat down into a traditional squat position, with your knees pushing out and not forward beyond your toes. Squeeze your glutes and rise back up. You should feel this EVERYWHERE— shoulders, core, back, legs and glutes!
Take some time and have fun adding in new exercises into your fitness routine and see how small changes create new muscle growth !!

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