Thursday, October 8, 2015

We all have 24 Hours!

We all have 24 hours in the day and how we choose to use them is ultimately up to us. We all have decisions that we need to make, priorities to accomplish and the things we value the most are the ones that will be first on the list to finish. So how valuable is your health? How many times have you made an excuse about working out or eating right because you didn't have "time"?? But if it's important you MAKE the time for it.
Often times we are faced with the decisions to keep a healthy lifestyle that many people have an opinion about. There are far too many critics out there asking how and why you workout and eat right day in and day out. Next time you find yourself if this situation just remember this post!
For many people working out is not natural. Barbells, torn up hands, sweat, soreness, and Facebook posts about feeling wiped out after a workout doesn't have much appeal. Even a perfectly reasonable strength program can seem intimidating to someone who doesn’t lift.You need to break down the barrier to many by explaining that exercise is essential for health, and for some it is a hobby. You don't need to defend yourself for working out but just explain that it makes you feel accomplished and more focused on other aspects of your life.
People will hint at topics that they want to talk about but may not be ready to hear your answer. For example they may say, “I would give it a go, but I’m too overweight. Maybe in some other life.” Instead of agreeing or saying anything too direct, a good response would be, “I struggle with these kind of things too. If you ever need help or guidance I am here for you.” They may want to talk about it immediately, or it may take time. At least you gave them confidence that you will not judge them and just want to help. Many people are just intimidated to start something "unknown" and possibly difficult. Be a friend and show them that it fun to try new things.
Time... well we all have 24 hours and in that day we can manage it to do whatever. Do you have time to Facebook or watch a TV show? Then you can find time for your workout. If it matters you find the time to make it happen. If you choose your health as a priority you will make the time to do the things to support that goal.
Consistency is key for success. Maybe a bad experience in the past is keeping them from trying something again. Perhaps the on and off diet is what keeps them unmotivated because you normally gain more back after you lose if you did not diet with something that is a lifestyle change but more of a temporary fix. Be encouraging but don't cause them to become defensive. We all have areas in our lives that we can't control but you do have the ability to control what you eat and the way you treat your body!!!

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