Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Motivation to reach your Goals might be worth the money !

You are ready to take your fitness to the next level. Everywhere you turn there are CrossFit boxes popping up left and right. So you decide that you want to check into one. They great you will a nice smile as you see people working out in the gym as you peek into the window. They offer you a class free and some places even a whole week to try it out. Then you get to the pricing... $15 drop in class or between $120-$150 + a month depending on your location. To the average person this is a lot of money. BUT I want to at least give you a breakdown of the reason behind this before you swear it off for good !
When you are looking into a traditional gym, many places can offer a monthly membership for about $20-$40 a month. They are banking on the idea that you will use the place maybe 3 times at most a week and then just forget about the membership fee. The premise of CrossFit is to come just about every day. You have the great convenience of getting almost one-on-one instruction from a certified coach. The classes are also programmed to help you hit certain body parts each day to ensure that you are not over training one muscle group.
CrossFit creates a community of friends. In a box, you are not just another person or number you are treated as a friend and individual. You have more access to coaches for questions and help to get better with your skills. If you go to a traditional gym you will need to hire a personal trainer that can teach you in a one-on-one setting for about $30 a session on top of a membership fee for just one time a week.
If you need motivation to workout and you love the competition vibe, CrossFit is for you to try out ! Scared that you might not be able to accomplish the workout ? Never fear because good programming has scaled modifications that can give you a great workout at a pace that you can complete!!!

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