Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Take a minute to be mindful

In a world full of GO -GO -GO it sometimes can be hard to remember the simple things that life has to offer. You forget how to take time for yourself as you are always helping others. You forget to take care of your mind and body through sleep and nutrition.How do you keep yourself on track and make sure that you stay focused on what’s most important?
If you want to achieve your goals and feel less stressed, then keep a positive mindset and stay proactive. Here are some ways to help you remember what’s important, so that you can stay on track and present in the moment not 10 steps ahead which is where we all are normally!
Create a list.When you think about it, write it down. Try to keep your lists in one place, whether that’s a notepad on your phone, or a journal, that way you know where to find them.
Use Post it notes. Yes they do exist still and they are great at giving yourself little reminders. My favorite thing is to write my favorite quote on one and put it somewhere that I will see it later. It's a nice reminder that can impact your day!
Have an important meeting you can't miss? Mark that down on a calendar and set an alert for it. You should not be so busy that you can't remember an important event, so make sure you are staying organized and on top of all the little things.
Make a vision board. Might sound silly but you really get to see what you want to accomplish in your life. By having it somewhere that you can see daily, it's a constant reminder of what you are ultimately working towards. If what you are doing today is not pushing you towards that goal, you need to stop doing that and find an alternative to reach your dreams.
If you want to accomplish something like a 5 k, a competition, dance class, or anything that you need to get done.. make it public! You are less likely to back out of doing it if you know that many people saw a post about what you are setting out to do. You should have accountability to accomplish your goals !
I think I would go crazy trying to remember everything without writing it down. Plus, I love checking things off lists, putting a line through a task, or erasing the memo when I’m done with it.

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