Monday, October 26, 2015

Post Workout Essentials

Ok what is the first thing you see people do in the gym after a workout? Normally it involves mixes up a post workout protein shake. Many times its made of whey, which can have an adverse effect on your stomach causing bloat and discomfort.Milk proteins tend to be more allergenic, so it is not uncommon for people to have allergic reactions to whey and casein.
Be sure you are consuming a high-quality whey protein free of additives and sweeteners like sucralose, which can cause digestive distress. Once you have chosen a high-quality whey from a reputable brand, try drinking the protein in plain water without adding anything else into the shake. This step will eliminate as many variables as possible and ensure the digestive issues aren’t caused by some other ingredient.
By far the most common symptom people complain about is bloating. Most people think this is normal, but it actually means you aren't able to properly digest the protein. This causes excessive gas. Over time, the repeated consumption of foods you are sensitive to results in chronic low-level inflammation, which can damage the intestinal wall. Why put up with symptoms when there are more effective alternatives?
Goat or Sheep Whey Protein
-These proteins are often more easily digested than cow whey, but have the same anabolic benefits and high proportion of BCAAs. If you want to mask the flavor, one of the favorite shake recipes is goat whey blended with sweet potato, banana, and cashew milk. It may sound a bit strange, but it’s definitely worth a try.
Vegan Protein
-he plant-based protein powders are derived from many sources, with the most common ones being brown rice, pea, and hemp. The most significant advantage plant-based proteins have over animal-based proteins like whey, casein, and egg, is that the plant-based proteins are hypoallergenic. This means they are not likely to elicit an allergic response in most people. They are also useful for those who are following a vegan diet and looking for convenient ways to boost their protein intake.
Beef Protein
-]Beef protein powder has also been gaining in popularity in recent years. Beef protein powder has a better amino acid profile than any of the individual plant proteins, so it doesn't need to be combined with other proteins to be a good post-workout option.
Essential Amino Acid Supplements
-These are specially formulated to provide all of the necessary amino acids. The primary benefit of taking an EAA supplement as opposed to a protein powder is that it does not need to be digested and is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. This means it will be absorbed more rapidly than any of the proteins mentioned above.
When trying different protein powders, take a scientific approach and change only one variable at a time. This strategy makes it easier to identify what is causing positive or negative changes. I recommend finding at least three different protein powders that agree with your digestive system. But I would advise to eat real food first if possible and supplement with shakes and powders every once in a while.

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