Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Know What You are Eating !

Use these guidelines for learning how to eat healthy without really thinking about it !!
-Is it food that is from nature?? Typically you are going to see that most “food products” include some sort of ingredients usually about one-hundred of them that you can’t decipher without a degree in chemistry. Choose all natural sources !!
-Look at the ingredients FIRST then the nutritional facts. Read the ingredients, if it has 10 or less then consider it. IF you can't pronounce something, put it down and walk away ! Know what you are eating by the ingredients not just the calories!
-Learn to cook at home. Part of the obesity problem stems from the insane ease of drive thrus and unfortunately for us, most of they are convenient options, but NOT the best option. Be the driving force behind your nutrition and embrace cooking and prepping meals.
-Eat on time, DON'T make an excuse. If you need it to happen you will find the time for it. Skipping meals for over 4 hours just leads to starvation and overeating. The most important thing is that you fit your eating habits to your schedule in the way that causes the least amount of stress while eating real food.
-Drink more water.Drinking more water will keep all your tissue hydrated, which means less injury prone and stronger/more flexible. It will keep you alert and prevent you from getting lethargic.
Change one small behavior at a time and your life will start to improve from the inside out !

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