Friday, October 23, 2015

Just because the box says "healthy" that doesn't mean it is !

It's PALEO .. well that's what the box says so it's healthy .. RIGHT??
Insert face in!! Truth is, boxes LIE to make you think you are eating healthier. I don't blame you for thinking that you are doing better. With the low fat craze that went on for a while where eating fat was going to make you fat. Companies targeted the fat free craze by making fat free cheese, muffins, ice cream, salad dressings, reduced fat peanut butter; Snackwell’s cookies; Lean Cuisine; pretzels and even fat free candies like jelly beans and licorice got praise on their boxes making you think they were "healthy". While nuts, avocado, olives and most meats had this black cloud over them.
Food manufacturer’s made LOTS of money and America got fatter. People ate up all these seemingly "healthy" processed foods and all the NATURALLY low fat all natural foods like vegetables, fruit, lean meats were no where to be found. So, basically what we did was trade REAL FOOD for packaged, processed, sugar heavy, unsatisfying junk all because we were being told it was good for us AND we could eat as we wanted and not get fat.
Paleo got a great start by bringing REAL foods back into the mix and showing people how to eat foods that are in the rawest form. This now made people healthier and many lost unnecessary pounds without trying. BUT now the industry is feeding off of this and making PALEO/ GLUTEN FREE everything ! What just happened?? We are back into the same position as before with all the "low fat" hype and now we put a stigma on wheat but enriching all of the "gluten free" foods with added sugars, flours and ingredients to make them even more processed.
Let's just go back to the basics. Eat real food from nature. Don't read a box header and think it's good for you because it says Paleo, gluten free or low fat. If you are eating it out of the box chances are it's already processed and not good for you anyways.
Here’s a few takeaways:
-Just because the label or a recipe says “Paleo” or a website tells you a certain food is paleo it doesn’t mean it’s healthy to eat all the time or in large amounts. Yes that means no bacon, fried in bacon grease smothered in coconut oil on the daily !!
-If you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for go back to the basics. EAT REAL, WHOLE FOODS.
-Even if a food is paleo friendly it doesn’t give you a license to eat like its unlimited and has no impact on your body!
-Paleo is not a religion and there is room for treats and non-paleo fare – just not in excess.
-ENJOY EVERY SINGLE BITE of everything you eat and eat mindfully.

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