Monday, October 12, 2015

How is Diet related to Fitness !?

How Is Diet Related to Fitness?
Fitness is actually the result of regular exercise and healthy diet or balanced nutrition. So if you’re fitness and diet program is only geared towards losing weight and not losing weight the healthy way, this means NOT YO_YO dieting, then it is not fitness. In other words, being fit takes a holistic and balanced approach, and that, nutrition plays a critical role in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals. With healthy diet, you’ll have an improved:
This is very essential when working out, especially if your exercise program includes activities that require so much of your strength like running and swimming. You need to have that stamina to go on and complete the number of recommended repetitions and sessions. In this instance, the intake of carbohydrates proves very beneficial combined with protein.
Immune System.
If you are very serious with your fitness goals, you have to take extra care of your health. It is a must that you maintain the same level of focus and alertness all throughout your fitness program. So you have to eat immunity-boosting foods like oranges, peanuts, bananas, cereals, carrots, beans, peas, seafood, and others.
Disease Protection.
With a healthy diet, you are able to fight any type of illnesses effectively. Because your immune system is at its highest potential, the disease-causing germs around can’t take hold of you. You need to incorporate foods that reduce the amount of inflammation and help combat free radicals.
Cognitive Function.
A healthy balanced diet also helps improve cognitive skills. You are always mentally alert so you’re able to perform well in whatever you do, especially while exercising. You have the focus and consistent drive to achieve your fitness goals.
Make sure your eating a balanced diet. There are two essential factors that make a diet healthy or balanced.First, it gives your body the correct amount of food and drink in relation to your lifestyle, pertaining to your daily activities. You should be getting the right amount based on how much energy you use every day.
Second is eating foods from all categories of the food pyramid unless you have an allergy. In your diet plan, you should see different kinds of fruits and veggies, healthy oils, starchy veggies like potatoes and squash, dairy foods, and non-dairy protein rich foods.
By looking at all these perimeters, are you fit ? Do you fall under that category or do you need to work on a few aspects of helping your body recover!!!

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