Friday, October 30, 2015

Don't Shortchange yourself !

Sometimes too much of a good thing can actually hold you back from gaining the results you want out of your workout. However, taking the easy way out can have the same effect. Don't make these mistakes in training that help you "slack" a little here and there. Be honest to yourself and work through all the things you learn with good form !
Take these tips to learn how to avoid this issue and keep your progress moving forward !
1.) Please no rep yourself and don't shortchange your range of motion. Yes as you get tired the hard you NEED to work. You should always be focusing on the FULL range of motion of whatever exercise you are doing and make sure to be doing all the reps that are programmed. Eventually this will catch up to you because you are not building the necessary muscles needed to keep pushing yourself further!
2.)Not every day is a MAX out day. In order to build size and strength you should be working within a percentage of your max and performing reps at that weight. By being consistent in your form you are learning how to build the muscle pattern with a higher consistency which will lead to higher PR's when its time.
3.) Doing too much too soon. Sure you might think more is more.. I am GUILTY of this. But your muscles grow at rest and when they are fed the proper fuel. Tearing down your body day after day will just lead you to burnout which is no fun or you will become stagnant with your performance gains.
4.)Warm ups and Cool downs are important. Your body needs to have an active warm up as well as a period of time to stretch and cool down post training. Skipping this can lead to injury and it will take you longer to get into your working sets without a proper warmup.
Maybe you’ve heard it said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Actually, there are shortcuts — they’re just not worth taking.

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