Friday, October 2, 2015

Don't Have a Diet Disaster!

Don't have a diet disaster hold you back any more. The keys to losing weight is not about CUTTING things out but adding in healthy alternatives to the foods you love and enjoy already. There might just be some tiny things in your diet that are slightly holding you back from achieving the goals that you want!
All it takes is a few simple missteps in your diet, and suddenly you’re putting your metabolism at risk. By taking out these foods from your diet the scale might start to move in the right direction!
Biggest downfall is replacing your soda with a "diet" version and using that to cut down on your cravings for food. Believe it or not your body might respond it the opposite direction and crave MORE sugar because those artificial sweeteners leave you unsatisfied. Consuming artificial sweeteners caused dopamine levels to plummet and promoted an intense craving for real sugar. sweetened drinks caused blood sugar and insulin levels to spike higher than good ole H2O. Insulin is the hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar (glucose) into cells. When there’s a surge in insulin, the body halts fat burning and instead starts to store fat.
Second mistake is going low fat everything. You need fat to burn fat. That might sound crazy but your body needs fats especially the good kinds in order to maintain a healthy physique. Fat not only has been found to improve mood, strengthen the immune system, lower the risk for heart disease, combat inflammation, speed up recovery and improve performance.To get lean, you need muscle to help your body burn calories. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn, even at rest.
Ok this one is the most common, not eating enough food. Long live the diets of 1200 calories. Hormones, particularly leptin and ghrelin, play a significant role in keeping metabolism up and hunger down. Leptin, made by fat cells, sends signals to the brain to eat less and ramp up calorie burn, while ghrelin tells the brain that you’re hungry. When you slash calories to shed weight, ghrelin levels spike and leptin levels plummet. Sure the scale goes down at first and then you hit a plateau and then you stop losing.Instead of cutting calories for longer, cut carbs for a short period, focusing primarily on protein and veggies.
Do you chew gum to make up for the hunger pains? This might backfire really fast for you. Sometimes when you chew gum you are just increasing the need to eat food. Since your body is responding to you chewing its creating a hormone release but not getting satisfied because your not really eating. Instead of grabbing a piece of gum, try out drinking some water or green tea. By doing this you are not only remaining hydrated but you are also going to increase your metabolism duet to green tea's fat burning effect !
So as you see these tiny little changes can all add up and make a huge difference in your preparation for a healthy lifestyle. Don't let a few little things keep you from reaching your goals!

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