Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Be the Leader !

What happens when you have people who are subconsciously ruining your healthy eating habits without even thinking about it? You adopted a new healthier way of eating, you are on track with eating healthy foods and exercising. Then your friends ask you to go out to eat with them. In the back of your mind you already start thinking of healthy options on the menu BUT you get there and they make you feel like you "deserve" a cheat on your diet. Why do people have this affect on us? You start off great then all of a sudden your one margarita, a bowl of nachos and dessert deep in sugar, fats and alcohol.
People like these are called food pushers- people who try to push unhealthy foods onto friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances who are trying to follow a diet. For many people- particularly people whose social circles consist largely of folks who are out of shape and overweight- the social pressure exerted by food pushers is the number one thing keeping them from getting fit and healthy. And today, you’re going to learn why food pushers sabotage your diet, and exactly what you can say to get them to stop.
Most food pushers want to be in better shape, but aren’t willing to put in the work to make it happen. Often, they’ll console themselves by telling themselves that it isn’t really possible; that we’re all stuck with whatever body type we’re born with.
Food pushers are often worried that your diet will create a distance between the two of you, either because you won’t be able to eat together, or because you’ll be “too cool” for them once you’re in better shape. It is imperative that a) you show that you can still eat at most of the same places you used to eat, and b) that you soothe your friend’s ego so they stop worrying that you’re becoming better than they are.
Some people simply don’t want friends who are their equals. Instead, they want friends who are in worse shape, make less money, are less socially popular, and less happy than they are.This group can be hard to identify. Take a good look at your food-pushing friend- are they similar to you, or are they in better shape, or more successful in other areas of life? If they are more successful than you, they shouldn’t feel threatened by your own success.
By understanding the motives of food pushers and saying the right things to them, you can almost always get the people in your life to stop undercutting your diet and start supporting you in your health and fitness goals.

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