Monday, October 19, 2015

Add Collagen for a healthy body !

5 AMAZING benefits of using collagen ! Collagen’ is widely recognized as the skin-enhancing cosmetic treatment held responsible for creating youthful, smoother-appearing faces, lusciously-strengthened hair and full, plump lips. However, holding a high-ranking position on a beauty pedestal represents only a fraction of the magic that Collagen can create for your body.
What is collagen ? Collagen is considered a fibrous protein, and just like any protein, it is made up of amino acids.Collagen protein will break down without the nine essential amino acids, which can only be obtained through consuming a protein (amino) rich diet. So this means that your body creates collagen but because you are adding extra force to your body through exercise sometimes if your diet is lacking enough protein this will need a supplement boost !
Here are some benefits
-The purified, high-protein content of Hydrolysed Collagen is known to be an effective, natural appetite suppressant, in which many clinical studies have proven the satiating effect to promote weight loss. Hydrolysed collagen has also proven to show a decrease in fats, avoiding clogging of the arteries and increased organ support.
-Collagen is a powerful molecule that promotes a multitude of benefits to assist the needs and demands for athletes, bodybuilders and everyday gym-goers.Consuming Hydrolysed Collagen in the form of smoothies, protein shakes, pancakes etc, has the incredible ability to aid the promotion of a natural source of Creatine in the body – this is an amino acid essential for building new muscle post-exercise and provide bouts of energy.
-Not providing your body with the necessary essential amino acids it needs to build up the proteins required for support, will result in the break down of proteins in the body – not what you need when you’re trying to gain strength! This may have a domino effect in making your joints weak and force your bones to lose density.
-Glycine in collagen hydrolysate also has the ability to relieve stress and reduce anxiety due to it’s properties of being a neurotransmitter with the ability to promote theraputic alterations in the body. These factors can lead to a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and again, promote a better night’s sleep.
-A healthy digestive system is a great base for a happy and energetic lifestyle. Alternatively, a weak digestive system can result in feeling sluggish and lethargic, make you feel demotivated and it can additionally cause stomach pains – in other words, you definitely won’t feel like exercising. Collagen can contribute to a healthier, less agitated digestive system due to soothing properties of one of the amino acids glycine.
So next time you want to add something to your supplement list, find Collagen and reap all the amazing benefits of this little amino acid protein !

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