Monday, September 14, 2015

If you WANT to be an Athlete you need to train like one !

If you want to BE an athlete you need to perform like one. But not everyone has the time to dedicate to spending hours in the gym. Not having enough time is the number one reason people use when "trying" to find time to workout. It's not about finding time it's about MAKING the time to do it and then utilizing the time in the gym doing movements that are intense and total body burners !
Did you know that if you are short on time you can do 5 movements that will create a great foundation for strength and muscle building. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, your short on time but you can still put in a great workout !!! There is a misconception that you need to spend HOURS in the gym working on one or two body parts but this is far from the truth. Maximizing your intensity while building muscle is far more effective if you have just 45 minutes to spare!!!

If you are going to work your whole body in just 4 exercises you are going to need to work several muscle groups with compound movements. Below are 5 exercises to start training today !
Squats will work your quads, butt, hamstrings, calves and even the abs and the erector spinae in the back. If you want to have a round butt, strong legs, and tight core START SQUATTING ! Don't forget to go down far enough which is below parallel. You need be using your glutes and hamstrings to push your body up from the low squat position.
Try out different kinds of squats:
-Sumo( wide stance)
-Front squat
-Hack Squat
-Narrow stance
-Box squats/ pause squats
Bench Press
Ladies listen up !! Just because we are not trying to build the pecs doesn't mean you shouldn't bench ! The bench press will work mainly the chest, shoulders and triceps. The abs are also involved in balancing and stabilizing the weight. It is a great movement for strength building and should be incorporated !!!
Try out different variations such as:
-Bench Dumbbell press
-Incline bench press/ Dumbbell incline press
-Decline bench press/ Dumbbell decline press
-Flyes on flat, incline, and decline
Pull ups
Do you want to have a nice sculpted back? Get to the nearest pull up bar and learn how to utilize pulling your own body weight. They work the entire back, biceps, shoulders, and the entire core. Pull ups will also help widen the back and help the waist appear smaller. Can't do a pull up just yet? No problem.. Many gyms have an assisted pull up machine that you can add weight to the machine making it lighter to pull up your body weight.
Mix up your grip by using a narrow, wide, reverse grip and negative pull ups.
Cleans are easily one of the best whole body exercises. Cleans are a total body exercise that use your quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, deltoids, traps, and forearms, as well as the core muscles that come into play to stabilize your spine throughout the movement. It also helps with explosion, balance and coordination. This movement is a key foundation for explosive movements and building strength.
YAY for BURPEES ! Yes we love to hate them but they are effective and don't require anything but you ! You perform a burpee by getting down into a plank position, chest and thighs touch the ground and you then jump the feet back under you and jump to clap overhead. It's a total body movement that you can do many reps of that will get your heart rate up and challenge your body !
There you have it, we have worked the entire body with only four exercises. Since it is only four exercises you really have no excuse not to find time and get it done. Try to hit up each exercise twice a week for 4-5 sets and vary the rep ranges from 4-20 reps.

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