Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grocery Shopping 101

What do you need to look for when shopping ? There are a few things to keep in mind. When you are shopping you need to have a PLAN!! Going to the store without planning ahead of time can lead to buying things you don't need and especially things that you buy out of impulse!
The best way to plan out what to buy, you should have a plan that you can have flexibility with during the week, The easiest way to start is around the perimeter of the store. If you think about the types of foods that should remain in your cart and on your plate should be closest to nature as possible. It's easy when you can just stick to the outside and minimally go down the isles of processed foods ! First and foremost you want to choose the highest quality of foods that you can. If you want your body to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle you need to eat a higher quality as well.
So here is a quick way to get in the grocery store and out with quality and healthy foods! The first thing to consider is your protein sources. You can find protein of all kinds for all types of diets. If you are eating Paleo, Clean, Vegan or Vegetarian you will need to find the appropriate source of lean meats or substitutions of meat for your meals. The best choice of meat is grass fed and organic without the use of antibiotics. Make sure to buy lean cuts of meat with little to no visible fats on it. Also eating eggs is one of the best protein sources you can find that is cheaper than most of the other meats available.
Next is the produce. Oh to the days of going to a local farmers market. If you have a local farmers market I HIGHLY encourage you to go there for your produce. Make sure you stock up on foods that are in season and that you can buy in bulk and freeze. When thinking about produce you want to think about the dirty dozen ( foods with a higher pesticide count) which you should buy organic if possible.There are more fruits that are on the dirty lsit than veggies so it is better to load up on the greens !
Frozen vegetables are also a good option, and tend to be cheaper. There are nutritional up sides and down sides to buying frozen, but in my view, the tiny amounts of nutrients lost or gained isn't worth worrying over. If frozen is easier or less expensive, go for it. You can also find some vegetables canned like pumpkin, butternut squash or sweet potato. These are a cheap and easy source of post-workout carbs, just make sure the only ingredient is the vegetable itself.
This is the ONLY time I will say to go down the isles.Because here is where you’re going to find a lot of your healthy fat sources, just be careful going down the isle and avoid any temptations to the brightly colored boxes of processed foods. While adequate dietary fat is an important part of your healthy eating plan, fat can also be one of the more expensive items especially when it comes to organic.
Now that you have a cart FULL of healthy foods you might have a little bit left over to spend. Think about stocking up on things like cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), organic, pastured butter, and unrefined coconut oil. These are all more expensive items, but will last you a few months and are all excellent fat sources. And last but not least, consider slowly adding to your herb and spice collection, with either fresh or dried (depending on the season). Seasonings can make chicken five nights a week taste exciting and different with each meal, and while they’re expensive, we’d spend an extra $5 not to be bored with our food.
Its a beautiful thing when you can look into your cart and see COLORS and a variety of healthy options for you to have throughout the week. Sure on the forefront it might be a little bit more expensive but the rewards go way beyond the cash value! Think of life full of health and vibrancy for you to enjoy living every day to its fullest !

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