Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Find Your Motivation

Finding your why ? Do you focus more in intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? What helps to drive you to be successful in your sport of fitness. Are you able to just hit the gym alone or do you need to be accountable for going? These are some of the things I want to talk about. So let's look at what each of these are and then we can figure out how to multiply your power to stay on track!

Extrinsic motivation feels good, assurance and acceptance from others is a huge confidence booster!!! You like the feeling of being cheered on by others and have a big sense of community and friendship! But what happens when you don't have the external motivating factors anymore? You then need to forget the extrinsic factors and let your intrinsic motivation kick in because this will be a determining factor of your success long term!

In order to have strong intrinsic motivation you must find out your ‘why’.When the novelty wears off and the training starts to become "boring" you have to know why you are training and switch it up. Ask yourself why did you start and why do you want to continue? You have to be able to relate your why to the activities that you do every day. If you are able to do this then regardless of the external motivating factors you will simply love workouts for how they are bringing you closer to your why instead of being driven by external motivators.

Everybody has good days and bad days but by finding your why you will always find purpose and joy in the actions you are performing regardless of what is happening around you. To find your motivation from inside it HAS to be more that weight loss. It needs to come from a place of love for what you are doing. I always tell people to do what they enjoy and not what they feel they "need" to do ! If you truly love it, motivation is easy !

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