Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Drop the EGO !

Is your ego creating a hostile environment for you to be in? Are you making things harder by holding onto things that are slowly weighing you down? Letting go sometimes is very hard and our ego has a hard time with it, especially when you KNOW you need to let it be and you just can't seem to accept it. Sometimes your ego become stubborn and you just need to re-evaluate the situation and make the best choice that will benefit you in the long run and not just in the present moment.
Choosing to be stubborn Involves mental strength. It can also involve the refusal to recognize when you’re wrong and forced reservations of long-gone disagreements. It becomes very exhausting which causes more stress on your mind and body. So how do you just let things go? I know in my personal opinion I have a hard time forgiving myself but an easy time forgiving others. I have 3 ways that you can start to let things go the easy way and avoid some misguided stress !
Try to understand The REAL reason behind your resentment! A lot of the times, we tend to hold onto regret, resentment, and anger because someone did us wrong. Yes when someone hurts your feelings it's hard to take emotionally but try to understand it from their side as well. Are they doing it out of a place of hate and anger or can you be empathetic and see it from their shoes? Before you get mad think of this:
Consider these questions to shift your perspective:
What happened in their life to bring them to act like this? Can you feel any compassion toward their situation?
What did they get out of hurting you? Have you ever felt that way or done something like that?
Do they feel horrible? Can you accept that they may regret their actions, even if it doesn’t make it ok?
If you can effectively answer this then maybe you shouldn't be as mad as you first thought you should be. Don't forget the person who had wrong actions don’t have anything to do with how “good” or worthy a person you are. No matter what, you are good, you are worthy. No one can take that away from you.
Everything happens for a reason and there are always lessons to be learned from every experience. Sometimes the best things come out of unfortunate or hard situations. Something that you have in your life now never would have existed if you weren’t wronged in the first place. Get clear on the positive things that came out of the situation. What did you learn ? This says a lot about your character and how you respond to difficult things. You might not have seen it right then when something bad happens but if you look back maybe another door or opportunity would have not presented itself! As difficult as it may feel to acknowledge the good you may have gotten out of that pain, it can also encourage healing and forward movement.
Sometimes it IS out of your control but you are not the victim unless you allow yourself to be. Not everything that happens to us can be negotiated toward the positive. There are horrible things in some of our pasts that remain unjustifiable. Don't let the past rule your present and dictate your future. You don’t have to forget what happened to let it go. You also don’t ever have to talk to the person who wronged you again.Releasing the power is an act of strength, not weakness. To be able to confidently say: Yes I got hurt but I am ok and will become a better person because of this experience.
Be empowered and chose to live confidently in the direction of your dreams !

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