Thursday, September 10, 2015

Conquer your Fear !

Fear NOT !! Have you ever wanted to do something but fear stood in the way? Do you ever wish that you can just go after what you want to accomplish instead of sitting back and watching others do it and you think to yourself," Man I wish I could do that!" Well YOU CAN ! There is nothing and no one besides yourself that is stopping you from just getting out there and going for it !
Boosting your mental outlook is the key to trying new things. If you think about it, physical strength and mental strength are developed overtime since no one is just born with it. You are taught skills that are tested and challenged daily for you to keep pushing your mental strength! If you can trade your doubt and excuses for the right mindset you can accomplish ANYTHING and here is how to get started!
There are some characteristics that people are born with that do make them a little more mentally tough than others. Personality traits that make them more risk takers have more chances of success with an equal amount of time to fail but they keep trying and pursing their goals. Believing in yourself is the true key to your mental toughness. Believe you can and you will !
Follow these three steps to help you achieve mental toughness and find the belief within yourself to be successful !!!
Find focus, what is your end goal? What do you want to accomplish and set a timeline as to how long it might take you to get there. Also ask yourself,"WHY"?? Knowing the reason behind your actions can help you stay focused and on that path with direction. Make sure that when you choose your goal that the goal is focused on performance versus outcome. If you’re too focused on the outcome, especially if it’s winning, fear of failure could hold you back.
Take smaller steps before the big leap !.Create process goals that will move you closer to your end goal. These effort-based goals are designed to build your confidence, which is why they need to be small and achievable, Make small attainable goals that will ultimately lead you to your end goal and then some. You need to build your success as you go and have mini victories along the way !
Visualize your success and what you want along the way. Don't focus on the what "might" happen but focus on what you want to happen. IF you place the emphasis on the fear as it will paralyze your efforts that lead to success. Instead, think about what you do want and picture yourself attaining it before you even start working towards it !
Your mind is a powerful tool. You can make all things possible especially when you are working on your dreams. Set small goals along the way, be deliberate in your actions to make progress and already visualize what you want and that you have it ! Life is your oyster so create your own pearl !

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