Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Challenge your Thoughts !

Did you ever take the time to think about where your thoughts are coming from ?W e draw our emotions and preferences from the mind, while the intellect gives us the ability to reason, rationalize and think for ourselves. And we need our body to take action.
Knowing the difference between your mind and intellect can help you make better decisions especially when it comes to working out. Your mind will give up faster than your body ever will and you should learn how to listen to that gut instinct over the "suck factor" that your mind is responding too !

Here are a few examples of what your mind says vs. what your intellect says !!!

1.) I want to just skip this workout !

What your mind says :

“My bed is so warm and comfortable.”

“Today was stressful. I deserve a night on the couch and a good movie.”

“Skipping just one workout doesn’t really matter, right?”

What your intellect says :

“I think I was too aggressive in planning my training this week. My body needs an extra rest day.”

“I feel under the weather and need to pay attention to my nutrition today. I’m going to cancel my workout and do yoga instead.”

Learning to listen to your body and what your body is saying can be helpful in choosing what to do. Your mind is powerful and comfort tends to take control when it comes to your physical feelings. However, learning that your body needs rest and recovery is also important to ensure that you are not over training your body and keeping it healthy overtime !

2.) I have this pain but I will just push through it!

What your mind says:

I’m determined to accomplish this goal, and I don’t care what it takes. If I ignore that shooting pain, maybe it will just go away.”

“Stopping now will just make me look weak I have people who are counting on me ! "

What it sounds like when your intellect is telling you to push through pain:

“I’m tired and my muscles are burning, but I know this is temporary. I’ve got another mile in me.”

“I’ve been here before. This sucks, but I’ve trained for this.”

No pain no gain right ? Well it might just be better to listen to your body.There’s an important distinction between challenging yourself and risking harm to your body. We tend to creep into the danger zone when we let our pride and emotions make decisions about pushing through pain. Soreness and fatigue are to be expected, but any sharp, shooting or worsening pains are your body’s way of telling you to back off.

3.) I think I need to revise my intensity !

What your mind says:

"This is a good pace, I am comfortable and its not to difficult"

"I know I can lift this weight, it's my last set so I don't need to push harder"

What your intellect is saying:

"This is a really challenging weight and my form is suffering, I am going to go down in weight to practice good form"

" I am going strong through this workout but I don't want to burn out so I will save some energy for the end to finish it strong!"

Even though you might have to decrease the intensity, you don't want to make it to easy or get too comfortable. You need to keep your body guessing so it does not go into a plateau and challenge yourself at a safe pace.

Listening to our intellect isn’t always easy. In fact, an increased awareness of the mind can often make it harder to hear the voice of our intellect. But the pursuit is worth it. Our intellect can help us break free from repetitive, sometimes detrimental patterns and lead us to accomplishments, goals and personal records, aka, the “sweet surprises” in our everyday lives.


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