Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Master the Uncomfortable !

It's only as uncomfortable as you make it in situations. What makes you uncomfortable depends on the person and how you handle those situations. Making and breaking boundaries is a great thing that you need to challenge yourself every once in a while. I am going to challenge you to put yourself into an uncomfortable situation at least 2 times a week. You will be surprised at how much you learn about yourself and how you react to those situations!
Start with these !
SaraBurda's photo.-Question EVERYTHING ! Don't take everything for face value and always ask questions about things that you are curious about. Challenge a statement and just broaden your knowledge. Try to look at all sides of the situation and find a solution to uncommon things.
-Be HONEST. Sometimes this is very hard to do. You know that you can sometimes just slip in a white lie and it wouldn't really affect anyone but that doesn't do you any good when you are dealing with other people! Make it a habit to just tell it like it is and be transparent and honest with others.
-Wake up before 5 am and get work done. You are more productive at the early hours and you will have the motivation knowing that you are already accomplished by 6 am !
-Make a budget and stick with it. Most of the time people are "guesstimating" how much they are really spending and wonder why they are in debt. Face the facts, sit down, write it all out and just deal with the reality of the situation.. BE HONEST with yourself!
-Take control of YOU! You need to know what you are eating on a daily basis to really grasp how your body is functioning. You need to be healthy and tracking your food is just one great tool to do this! Then use the tip of getting up early and become a gym person. If you create a habit you are more likely to stick with it because the results will follow !
-Treat your body with respect. Eat nutritious foods every day and don't treat your body like a garbage can. Prepare and plan your meals for the week. Stay out of the drive through and learn to like healthy options. Your body and wallet will thank you!
-Speak in public often! YES this tends to be a scary thing but learning to speak in front of large groups of people becomes more natural the more you do it. Start will just a few friends and then dive into speaking at a function or event ! You learn that it's always uncomfortable at the beginning but then you get over that quickly when you realize you are ok!
-Set a goal that seems unattainable. Think about the things you're comfortable doing every day and amplify it until you get to a point where you become really scared of doing it. The hardest part is to actually go out there and take the actions steps that will help you achieve this goal.You will have to use all your mental and physical strength to actually get yourself to achieve this goal. But here's the thing: something very cool happens in your mind, your physiology, your internal makeup when you actually do this. You become invincible. You will be able to set any goal for yourself and then achieve it
Learning to just allow yourself to dive into the uncomfortable might be the biggest blessing that you accomplish! You never know what you are capable of doing until you try ! So don't set a limit on yourself !

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