Monday, August 3, 2015

Gym Etiquette 101!

Working out is intimidating in itself, BUT even workout veterans make mistakes sometimes in gym etiquette. When at a gym, you still need to make sure that you are respectful of the facility as well as those around you. Knowing how to properly handle yourself in the gym is just as important for you to keep you and those around you safe !
Check out some rookie mistakes that can influence your training routine and will help you to create GOOD habits in the gym ! Here is that quick list of tiny tips to make you seem like you are a gym guru!!!
-Re-Rack your weights after you use them.
-Benches and machines are not for sitting and resting on. Try to keep rest to a minimum but don't occupy a bench that someone needs.
-Keep a good distance from people squatting, dead-lifting and overhead pressing. These are LARGE body movements and the lifter is not aware of surroundings while focused. Try not to distract or disturb them in the middle of their lift.
-Use wipes if you sweat a lot on the equipment.
-Ask for a spot when you NEED one and make sure YOU are ready for the lift at that moment. Don't disturb someone for the sake of you if it takes 10 minutes for you to prepare.
-Please NO curling in the squat rack !!!
-Dumbbells, collars, and auxiliary equipment have a spot to be re-racked. Please pick up after yourself !
-Please practice GOOD form and form that is FULL range of motion. Half reps= half results!
-Don't walk around critiquing others UNLESS you are influencing them with form corrections.
-Selfies and AB checks are not part of your workout !
-GIRLS LIFT TOO ! Don't assume the chick in the corner with 225# on her bar needs "help" to un rack the weights. She put them on there probably as her warm up...
-Headphones, hats, and hoods up mean :Please don't talk to me! Respect those who want to get in and out of the gym !
-Only superset things if there is MINIMAL people in the gym OR let others work into your set !
-Last but NOT least.. LEGS ARE PART OF A WORKOUT ROUTINE ! Doing chest and arms everyday will not make your physique better if you don't have the legs to go with it ! Don't be a half up looks good and half down is missing kind of person ! Train those LEGS !
Take these as just little tidbits of information that can help you in the gym to look like you know what your are doing ! Keeping yourself and others safe is important !!!

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