Friday, August 14, 2015

Get Stretching !

One thing that i feel is OVER looked in training is mobility and stretching. I am guilty of this one as well because in the past I would use the "I don't have time" to stretch, even for five minutes post workout. Man do I wish I learned how important stretching and mobility is to proper lifting techniques.
Mobility and stretching can be built into your workouts in three unique ways. The key is to spend time working on the areas of your body that need it most, rather than just doing random stretches. Begin by looking in your individual movement patterns through and fined areas of tightness and trigger points, while also spending time on mobility.You need to learn how your body moves and what is should feel like instead of how it feels when tight and sore.
First way to integrate it into your fitness routine:
The Classic Approach to Stretching
Before workout - Warm up
Workout – Full range of motion exercises
After Workout – Static stretching
Second way:
Integrated Training
Before workout – Dynamic stretching, self-myofascial release
Workout – Mix power and strength training with mobility exercises as supersets
After Workout – PNF, active isolated stretching, and static stretching
Third way
Mobility Training Sessions
Spend ten minutes to two hours stretching and mobilizing
Dynamic stretching has had much better results opening the joints and muscles up to their current limits but without the negative side effects. Dynamic stretching will not often result in large mobility gains, and therefore should be reserved as a warm-up.
Below are 7 Tips for stretching !
-Warm up first
-Perform dynamic stretching vs. static stretching
-Do some yoga on a weekly basis
-Learn proper stretches for what your mobility issues are and focus on them
-After your workout do static stretching
-Stretch to the point of moderate discomfort but not to pain
-Use stretching as a way to destress the body and mind
Spending dedicated time to mobility and stretching will pay dividends in the long term, allowing you to train more effectively and have reduced risk of injury. Always remember to keep within your personal threshold and that it is possible to overstretch in a workout. Your focus should be optimal movement patterns, and full range of motion for all your joints. Specific range of motion will be body specific to your makeup, and the goal is efficient movement. Take care of your body NOW and it will repay you in years to come.

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