Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fitness TIPS !

In a world full of opinions, you never know which ones can be trusted to be true and which are just slightly off from the truth. The world of fitness and nutrition has SO many contradictions its no wonder everyone is stuck on a crazy diet fad and then left with just a massive headache on what to do next.
The list of common fitness advice are:
What type of workouts are best for building muscle? What about losing fat?
What foods should I eat and what should I avoid?
Does meal timing and frequency matter?
How can I avoid getting “bulky”?
Why is belly fat so hard to lose?
Should I lift weights or do cardio or both?
The list goes on and on but you get the picture ! The funny thing is that fitness and nutrition are not complicating at all. You just follow a plan and stick to it along with training and adequate recovery and your good to go ! But here are a few of my favorite misconceptions !
Calorie counting doesn't work... WHAT ? Well that's the farthest from the truth. Your body is like a scale using a caloric balance of calories in vs calories out. IF you eat more without any exercise, you need to take that into consideration when counting your calories for the day. The benefits are amazing when you know what you are doing. It can put you in complete control of the most important aspects of your body: your weight, body composition, and health.It can free you from the anxieties and uncertainties of “dieting.” Of having to hope for results and second-guess everything you put in your mouth.It can free you from the traps of yo-yo dieting, restrictive dieting, starvation dieting, and just about every other diet pitfall.
If I (as a woman) lift heavy I am going to get bulky. Oh you mean you want that "toned" look? That requires LIFTING weights and no you will not become a HULK by doing so. Men have 10-15 % more testosterone than women which is why they can put on more muscle. Lifting weights increases your metabolism and creates a shape to your body. The key to lifting is knowing how to supplement your diet to remain healthy and lean along with providing your body we adequate nutrition to perform.
We are lead to believe that carbs AND fat are bad. So what are you left with? Protein and veggies ? That's no way to live your life. A lot of these misconceptions come from FAD diets making you believe that a certain food group is bad for you. No individual food can make you fat. Only overeating can.Carbohydrates aren not your enemy You have nothing to fear from insulin and low-carb dieting doesn’t help you lose fat faster.The truth is any diet that completely restricts a food or food type is unhealthy and not worth your time.You can eat a balanced diet that includes everything you enjoy, including your favorite carbs and indulgences, and have a muscular, lean, and healthy body .Remember that your body isn’t what you eat–your body is what it does with what you eat. And it’s incredibly good at adapting to a wide variety of diets.
I NEED to lose fat.. let me do cardio... WRONG ! Cardio is at most an added stimulant to reduce fat but NOT the best way of doing it. Funny thing is people everywhere believe that getting and staying lean requires the regular sacrifice of thousands of hours doing cardio to get lean. BUT, you can lose fat and stay lean without doing any cardio whatsoever. And you can get really lean, you can do it with no more than a couple hours of cardio per week.
The problem with abusing cardio to try to get lean is threefold:
1. It’s too easy to eat back the calories you burn.
You have to work really really hared on the treadmill to burn a few hundred calories but you can eat it all back and then some with a handful of nuts or small bar of chocolate.
2.. Your body adapts to low-intensity exercise to reduce calorie expenditure.
You must create adaptations in your workout. Doing steady state all the time will create a pattern for your body and then it will adapt and remain the same. You need to force a stimulus for changes to happen.
3. Cardio burns fat but it burns muscle too.
We say we want to lose “weight” but what we really want to lose is fat and preserve muscle.This is extremely important because if we lose too much muscle while losing fat, we wind up with the dreaded “skinny fat” look.
So here is the overall point. If you too learn how to manage calorie and macronutrient intake, free yourself from restrictive dietary dogmas, and shift your focus toward heavy weightlifting and away from excessive cardio, I guarantee you’ll make more progress than you ever thought possible.

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