Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sleep is Vital !

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We all know that getting a good nights sleep is vital to feeling your best as well as recovering from the previous day. If you are like many American's, sleeping 8 hours rarely happens and your lucky enough to get maybe 5 hours of "good" sleep per night. You might be sabotaging your sleep with these common mistakes that can keep you from getting the solid shut eye you need!
First off, stop the binge watching on Netflix. Yes I am totally guilty of this as well. It's hard when you get into a show and just can't seem to stop watching it. Of course when you stay up ALL night to watch a show, your sleep is compromised then leaving you grumpy the next day. So next time you want to binge watch your favorite show, make sure that it is on a weekend !!
You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach on Sunday night where you start to think about how much you have to do in the week ahead, how you're still kind of tired from the weekend, and how is it almost Monday already?! This is actually an issue that many of us face. The Sunday night anxiety can totally mess with your sleeping patterns making it hard to just turn off those thoughts and relax.The best solution is some mindful meditation to relax those thoughts.
Keep your work at work and make a specific time to STOP all work related business. You might think that you are getting a jump start on the upcoming week but you are just deepening the stress on your mind. Try to stop working by 8 PM if ABSOLUTELY necessary to keep working when you should be winding down at night.
Keep that caffeine addiction to early afternoon if you don't want it to affect your sleeping patterns. Even foods such as alcohol, aged and fermented foods, tomato-based products, and even too much water can all keep you up at night. Be sure to keep your body fueled with healthy foods that will put you sound asleep and drink some calming tea before bedtime.
Stress is one of the worst feelings in the world. It plays on your mind and your body. The specific way in which you deal with your stress can impact your sleep patterns. Those who can handle stress by distracting themselves, thinking about it constantly, or ignoring it completely had higher rates of insomnia than those who handled it with positive reframing, humor, religion, and venting.
Lastly, create a scheduled bedtime that will be easy to stick to and STICK TO IT. Yes weekends too. When you throw off your bodies rhythm you are just furthering your sleep deficit. You can't 'bank' your sleep time from one day to the next but you can take some amazing naps in the middle of the day to get a little refresher !
Take these tips and really learn to listen to your body. Always know that sleep is required for good health just like exercise and healthy eating.

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