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Protein Veggies !!

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When you think of protein, most of the time you think of lean meats, eggs, and beef. Not many people think of veggies as a source of protein. However there are 5 veggies I would like to highlight for you to start to think about as protein builders for your body! Something important to keep in mind: Plant proteins are 'incomplete' proteins, meaning they don't contain all of the essential amino acids. To make sure you get the different types of amino acids you need, make sure to combine these veggies with whole grains as well as lean protein sources.
Let's take a look at these 5 plant protein sources !
You'll find three grams of protein in a half cup of spinach.Being that spinach is Popeye's favorite for muscle building, it should be high on your list too. The darker the spinach the more nutrients it has. To get a good amount in your day, think about sneaking it into a healthy smoothie with some fruit or add it with your eggs in the morning.
Baked Potato
Another stealth source of protein? Potatoes! A medium-sized one contains three grams. Sometimes it gets a bad wrap because of the fast digesting action that it has on your body but post workout and you have yourself a great recovery meal !
Broccoli's not just filled with fiber at 2.6 grams per half cup it's also a great source of protein, with two grams per serving. I LOVE broccoli. If you enjoy it, try grilling it next time. It adds a different type of flavor and it has and new texture that might help you eat more !
Brussels Sprouts
These little green guys get a bad rap, but they're actually nutritional superstars: Each half cup packs two grams of protein, along with 247 milligrams of potassium and 110 micrograms of vitamin K. Sometimes it takes knowing how to cook them that makes them more enticing to eat ! I love them grilled, baked or steamed. They are great to add to your veggie plate and as a side dish !
Each half-cup contains three and a half grams of protein. Just be cautious on HOW much you are eating. They also contain a lot of sugar and a higher calorie count than most veggies. Eat these in moderation or post workout!
Now that you have some variety to protein sources, add them to your next meal to keep you full and satisfied !!!

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