Thursday, July 30, 2015

Keep it Focused!

Some days when you have good intentions of hitting the gym hard and you get there your motivation starts to slightly slip backwards. We are all guilty of this, from being distracted by our friends, outside life or just plain tired from work, it happens. Here are some common signs and simple solutions on how to stay focused and make your time worth every second ! 

1.)You spend more time texting than you do squatting.

Leave your phone in your bad in a locker or in the car. Cut the ties with your social media for an hour and just focus on the gym. If you really need to have your phone on you, make sure that it's just for keeping track of your workout rest times and not for taking selfies!

2.) You dread going to the gym and just go through the motions.

It might be time to change things up. Try taking a group fitness class, team up with a friend, or take your training outside to make things new and different, and reignite your passion for exercise. Creating change in your routine can also help you miss a plateau and keep the results coming !

3.)Your mind wanders while you’re training.

Sit in the locker room pr in your car for five minutes and mentally put your worries and stresses aside. When training, focus intently on the muscle you’re working and find that mind muscle connection. It's important to really become engaged in your workout and not just drift off when training.

4.)You do the same workout day after day, week after week.

You’re in a rut. Change the variables to make things interesting and kick-start your progress. Things to consider changing up are your rep ranges, weights used, exercises, bodypart splits or rest intervals. I rather change things up frequently to prevent boredom and always have something to look forward too!

5.)You count the minutes — no, the seconds — on the treadmill and hang onto the rails as you plod along.

Do a Tabata treadmill workout to burn a ton of calories and fat. Bonus: It’s only four minutes long, and there’s no way you’ll be able to hang onto the rails and zone out with this kind of intensity! Hanging on just takes your training down a notch not up ! You are decreasing the load on your legs when you hang on and decreasing the calories that you could be burning! Try doing interval sprints or take your workout to the track and do plyos!

6.)You stopped pushing yourself and just go through the motions.

Re-evaluate your goals and reasons for training in the gym and write them down. Maybe you need to try a new activity for a while, then revisit the gym in a few weeks, or you need to find a new goal worth achieving such as a road race, a challenging hike or even a fitness competition. When you hit a mental block you need to find your passion again! Do what you enjoy instead of doing it for weight loss !

With all these tips try to take them and utilize them to create long term and lasting goals. Don't just go through the motions of training but really focus and have intention !


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