Monday, July 20, 2015

Fun in the SUN !

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It's summer ! You are ready for vacation, outdoor workouts, playing in the sun and swimming !!! The one thing that also comes along with that is the dreaded sunburn. It's important that you are protecting your skin when you are outside but there are sometimes that you happen to miss a spot or two or just forget and then get burnt !
No fear.. I have remedies that can calm that burn and get your skin feeling better in no time at all !
Drink MORE water ! Not only is it essential for you body to function but it's also important for your skin to stay hydrated. Tha is because sunburned skin is dehydrated skin, hence the peeling that follows the initial burn, so drinking plenty of water replenishes your skin's lack of moisture from the inside out.
Take an oatmeal bath ! Who would have thought that by bathing in oats can relieve the sunburn pain that you have.The polyphenols in oats may reduce itching and inflammation. Simply grab the oats from your pantry (any kind will work), grind them to a very fine powder in a blender or food processor, then add to your bath. Dry milk powder will also add additional soothing qualities. The milk's lactic acid hydrates and calms skin.
Use Aloe vera gel to sooth itchy and inflamed skin. Also think of getting your body repaired from the inside out. For topical healing, spread vitamin E oil if a capsule prick and squeeze the oil out and apply directly on the burn. Argan oil and coconut oil can also help the fatty acids helps relieve inflammation and restore moisture.
Witch hazel has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and tannins, explains Tedaldi, making it great for treating sunburn. At the beginning of summer, soak gauze pads in witch hazel, place them in a ziplock bag, and put them in the freezer. After a day of too much sun, take out your frozen compresses and place them on your sunburn for immediate relief.
Getting a sunburn is no fun. It can put a damper on your beach plans and just ruins your night. Stay safe and apply sunscreen OFTEN and BEFORE you even go outside. If you feel like your burning you probably are and then its too late !

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