Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WoodWay Curve

The WoodWay Curve Treadmill is the NEW and upcoming thing in fitness. It breaks all the rules when it comes to treadmills. It is man powered, eco friendly and has a butt kicking ability because you are pushing the belt !
Let's look at it closer !
-No motor which means its quiet. No motor means no maintenance on the motor! With the Woodway Curve, you don’t have a motor to replace. You might have to lubricate the treadmill from time to time but that’s not very hard at all and will not cost you anywhere near the price of a whole new motor or worse, two new motors.
-You’re going to get a killer workout with the Woodway Curve because you are the motor. The movement of the belt is directly effected by the effort you exert. You can get an awesome workout from other great treadmills that have motors, but it’s just not the same when you’re the one powering the machine.
For this reason, the Woodway Curve is best suited for high endurance athletes and very serious runners.

-It sets you up to run bi-mechanically correct. It is especially important for those serious athletes that heavily rely on their fitness training. As mentioned in the video above, the design of the Woodway Curve forces the user to run with a perfect posture while also decreasing stress on areas of the body that experience stress with regular treadmills.
-It's used for speed and NOT for distance. This is one aspect that might be a con for long distance training runners.
If you HAVE one available to you try it out ! I tried it out and I am honestly thinking about getting one for my home. I love that it's for speed and that it has little to no maintenance. I am NOT a distance person so this is a great option !!!
try this out !
90 second Interval Protocol:
Walk 15 seconds
Jog 15 seconds
Run 10 seconds
Strong Run 5 seconds
Walk 15 seconds
Jog 10 seconds
Run 10 seconds
Sprint 5 seconds
Decelerate and Rest for 30 seconds
Repeat 10 x


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