Friday, June 26, 2015

Why We DO Fitness !

If you are new to fitness OR you are a fitness guru, at some point or another you find yourself asking, "Why do I do this everyday?" And that is ok to do! Many people that are not as in tune to fitness see living a fit lifestyle as bland food, endless amounts of cardio and being a slave to fitness. However,fitness should be FUN, CHALLENGING and EXCITING! Getting stuck in a regimen that you hate is an almost surefire way to guarantee that you’ll never reach your fitness goals.

The fact is that fitness is an imperfect, long distance event that requires patience and great mental discipline. It is not a short-term, hell-week kind of experience. No one gets truly fit in 30 days or 3 months, and if you’re paying for services that promise this then unfortunately they reeled you in. If you are willing the pursuit of fitness can either be something positive and thoroughly enjoyable or something that greatly detracts from your enjoyment of life. The path you follow is yours to choose.

i choose the path of fitness that empowers me and leads me to my goals ! The first step is to PLAN for success! Don't fall into the trap of getting fit quick but really set up a time line for success to happen. No one can get fit in 30 days if your nutrition is off and your doing a 30 minute program. It does take time, dedication and some hard work ! Next is to really find a way to incorporate healthy cooking into your lifestyle but make it taste AMAZING by using spices, seasonings, and creating new recipes ! With a quality program and meal plan you’ll feel better, enjoy your life and get real results that will motivate you and encourage you to continue.

Next is to enjoy what you are doing. Don't do something you don't like for the sake of doing it. Yes there are days you should really challenge yourself to some things that you don't like BUT most days you need to enjoy what you do to create a lasting habit.Do what you are passionate about! If you love to box do that, if you are a runner at heart ( bless your soul) go for a run, if you love to challenge your body do tabata sprints. Point here is doing what you enjoy will last LONG term and not just a quick two week plan that you hate !

One last thing to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to let worry go. You are going to have days of PR's and days that don't go as planned. The days of success are the ones you keep for motivation to continue and the ones that challenge you create change ! Don't get frustrated or discouraged but use it to power through ! Once you grow comfortable and familiar with a fitness program, the lifestyle becomes something you will look forward to and be proud of. If you overthink and micro-manage your own fitness journey, you’ll likely do more harm than good. Cast aside the common tendency to overthink things and watch the stress melt away.

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