Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When the tough gets going.....

Hey everyone !!

A little update on what is going on with competition !! First off, the show date might be getting manipulated to a little later due to a GREAT opportunity I have to attend Success School for AdvoCare which I don't want to miss out on. Secondly, I am still trying to find balance between my BodyBuilding. CrossFit, and cardio along with nutrition to support all of this. I am planning on doing a CrossFit competition towards August as well and training for that is also underway !!

I feel good about my progress which has been steady over the course of many many months. No major weight changes since my last show and i am increasing muscle in certain areas BUT I have hit that dreaded plateau. Partly due to the extent of training that I do my stimulus for training is not overly taxing.

I am starting a NEW nutritional program that should ramp this up and really digging into my inner self to find the confidence and strength to trust my instincts. I have the opposite issue that many people face because I am not one to like to increase food or decrease work capacity. Although, increasing food for muscle growth is IMPERATIVE for success!!!

I am going to keep working at it, just like everyone else I struggle with balance and i am going to find that nice mix between the 2 ! I would love to answer any questions that you might have about training, nutrition, or the fitness lifestyle if you have any !!

As always have a beautiful and blessed day !


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