Monday, June 22, 2015

What to Look for in a "GOOD" CrossFit Box!

CrossFit is the newest trend in fitness. With constantly varied functional movements across many domains of fitness, it's no wonder people are taking this fitness trend by storm. Have you ever tried it? Thought about it but are intimidated? The great thing about CrossFit is that the foundation is based on natural movements that you perform in everyday life which means EVERYONE can CrossFit. You just need to scale the intensity load.
If you are thinking about CrossFit take the time to read these reasons of WHY you should do CrossFit to take your training to the next level!
-You will learn proper form and techniques.If you’ve worried about getting hurt or were never sure what exactly to do with your gym’s selection of plates and barbells, CrossFit is a great place to start. Most boxes require new athletes to complete a basics course that covers equipment usage, proper lifting form and commonly used CrossFit terminology.
-CrossFit is made up of constantly varied, high-intensity movements. Which means that over the course of one WOD (workout of the day) you may be running, rowing, swinging kettlebells and working on gymnastic moves like ring dips and handstands. Coaches use the timer throughout the class and keep athletes in constant motion.
-Everything can be scaled and modified to fit you.That’s because scaling weight appropriately is encouraged, and nearly all CrossFit movements can be modified. For example, a new athlete may modify pull-ups by using an exercise band or opting for a lighter a kettlebell than the prescribed weight.
-It's NOT a cult its a community! Anyone on the inside will tell you it’s a community. The best coaches and boxes create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. It’s not uncommon for more advanced athletes to share training tips with newbies and stay behind to cheer them on while they finish a workout. And athletes who start CrossFit around the same time often form a special bond as they improve and grow together.
-All of the movements are functional. After a couple months of CrossFit, you may find activities like carrying groceries or changing the bottle on the office water cooler to be a lot easier. That’s because CrossFit focuses on functional movements: carrying awkward items, sprinting short distances, lifting heavy things from the ground. CrossFit training is, in many ways, training for everyday life.
-There is NO BOREDOM ! With new WODS everyday there is no way that you can be bored. Constantly testing your abilities and learning something new will keep your body guessing and changing to new adaptation!
if you are interested in learning more about CrossFit come check out the Box I work at !!
Everyone gets one week free to try and you will be hooked at the amazing experience you will have !

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