Monday, June 29, 2015

Trainer !!

Ever think about competition in a Bikini/Figure Competition but don't know where to start? Do you have goals for getting into shape, learning how to eat for performance and understand the basic components of training ?

Let me guide you ! I have many programs that I DO DETAIL to fit you ! Not one person is the same so each training plan and nutritional guidance is detailed to fit you. No cookie cutter plans in mass quantities. I make sure that I am in 100% full contact with you through it all, making changes and updates monthly, helping with exercises and contest prep !

I have a passion to help if you have the PASSION to SUCCEED !

Contact me today !

or find me on facebook as Sara Burda !!

Don't let another day slip away !!! Below is MY PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION !

The top is my 16 week out prep, middle is first show, bottom is the 2nd show I took 1st place only 5 months after my second show !!! I did my training, diet, and posing!!!

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