Thursday, June 4, 2015

Own YOUR Emotions !

You feel HAPPY one minute then in the blink of an eye you are on an emotional roller coaster that seems to wreck havoc on your life, personal relationships and work. It doesn't have to be this way. Because your body works in harmony with the outside world, many of your emotions are picked up from other people around you. So you know the saying: Surround yourself with like minded people who support your goals? This could be the ticket as to why that is important. Your body can be an incredible energy-sensing machine and has its own consciousness. It is designed to give you sensory input, but most people don’t even realize that they’re taking on someone else’s upset or burdens into their own personal mood.

The tricky part is learning how to balance out YOUR personal sensitivity to the emotions and separate them from others. So how can you maintain this balance and happiness in your life without compromising others ?? Read more and find out how to keep those emotions in check.

-Ask yourself what you are feeling ? Are you sad, angry, anxious? Are these YOUR feelings or are you feeding off of someone around you. If you can identify the problem then you can begin to tackle it and fix the emotions surrounding it. But if you can't really put a finger on what's wrong, those emotions might be a burden that your taking on as your own to try to "fix" someone else.

-Try not to react early to emotions until you really have ownership over them. Reaction indicates that you are judging what you are experiencing. For example, you may be judging that someone is wrong in a particular situation. Instead of going there, just say to yourself, I know they have an interesting point of view, and I have an interesting point of view. This helps you to stop taking what’s happening between you so seriously and personally. If you do react, please don’t beat yourself up. Be kind and just laugh it off.

-Forgive yourself for things when you are in a funk. You are human and your allowed to have days that are just not 100% but you don't need to add the pressure and stress of getting mad at yourself for those feelings. It takes more of a person to forgive faults that they have in themselves than to dwell on them.

-Try to see your emotions like you are an outsider. The hardest part is when you are over consumed and then you feel like the world is against you. If you pretend that a friend is talking to you about the stress you are feeling at that moment, what advice would you give them? Now give that advice to yourself. It works all the time!

-Learn to let it go and be neutral in your thoughts. Release your thoughts and make it part of your past. Stay present. Be in faith and trust that you are a divine and infinite being. In knowing that each new moment is your chance to play and create something amazing you are more likely to accept your emotions for what they are!

-Be grateful. Be thankful for all you have the opportunity to experience. Thank your body for giving you more awareness.
Here is a list of positive emotions or states of mind that you can now focus on:

Acceptance: Everything is what it is.
Energy: All that life is made up of.
Joy: How you were born into this life.
Creativity: What you came here to experience — to create upon create.
Tranquility: A choice that is always possible.
Freedom: Being in the state of allowance with what is.
Wisdom: Every cell of your body is tuned into Universal Intelligence.
Peace: What’s actually possible on this earth.
Harmony: When you are in fluidity with your Highest Self.
Health: Being in the state of wellness with life.
Abundance: The truth of what life really is.
Love: Who you really are.
Each new moment is your chance to play and create something new.

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