Thursday, June 11, 2015

Motivation FOR Success !

Staying motivated on your goals can seem hard sometimes.The first thing you want to ask yourself is WHY? Why are you training and what are your goals? Without the answer to each of these questions, your just going to be on a circle to nowhere. The reason you train is simple, it NEEDS to be for you and you only. Not for the sake of someone else, but because you want to be in the moment of training. If you can find YOUR reason and why you want to better yourself that can make all the difference in your results. Your why can be simply for health reasons, or like me you just enjoy the training aspect. Once you find your motivation we now need to harness that and keep it. But for the days that you feel a little unmotivated here are a few reasons to keep going !

- Find something to compete in! I want encourage everyone to compete in something. If you sign up for something that will motivate you more to work harder and push yourself. Just think of all the hard work you can put out there in front of a crowd!!! When you have something to look forward to and to train for you are more likely to stick to it and want to maintain your goals.

-Train in the right environment that is suitable to your needs. Make sure to find a place you truly ENJOY going to every single day. Nothing can deter you from your goals than hating the place that you train in. Find a community of people who support you and your goals. It's more motivating to have a positive place to go to and to enjoy everyday.

-If you get injured it's not over ! Getting injured is every competitor’s greatest fear and it does happen often. This is where many athletes let themselves go since they can’t train, so their nutrition goes out the window. This is something you should absolutely not do, as it will be far more difficult coming back with extra body fat. Your mental approach to coming back from an injury is everything. The goal you set for yourself has to have meaning to you. If it doesn’t you will not be motivated enough to pursue it.

-Don't allow burnout to happen. So many times people do so well for 2 weeks, then STOP ! WHY?? It's due to burnout from training too much and too soon! Avoid this by slowly adding in intensity into your routine and then adding in more days ! Doing so much that you feel like you can't move is not very motivating at all. In fact it's the main reason why people quit working out in general. Be smart and plan your routine that you can sustain over time !

I hope that these tips can help you and keep you motivated to push for your goals ! It's always fun to get out there, accomplish something new and really feel like you are working towards something amazing !!

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