Friday, June 5, 2015

Keeping you POSTED !

Hey Everyone ! A new update,,.. I am doing a CrossFit Competition in Aug! Yes this is a BIG decision that I had to make since I was teeter tottering on the fence about doing a show. Since I have a theory that I want to BE FIT, LOOK FIT and OVERALL encompass FITNESS.. I realized that I need to learn to embrace all of the good,bad, and ugly sides of training,

After learning that YEARS of performing squats, deadlifts, presses not as efficiently as I should be, I am re-training my body to learn how to move for optimal performance ! This is hard for me because now I am UN-doing so much.

Failure is not an option and a CrossFit competition is not only scary to me but its a bit terrifying that I just might not be that good at it. Performance is the tall tale of strength. Anyone can diet but not everyone can be good in ALL areas of fitness and that is what I am striving to do ! I want to have balance between it all !!

Let's see where this journey takes me !!

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