Friday, June 19, 2015

Ice it Out When it's HOT !

The weather is HOT and you don't feel like having a full hot meal but your hungry ! No worries I can help with a perfect smoothie treat that will have you fueled up, cooled off and leave you satisfied !! So many people don't make a smoothie to KEEP them full but fill it with a lot of sugary juices, ice and a few berries. Yeah that one won't keep you full at all. But this recipe will !
When you are looking for a quick healthy meal or snack you will want to keep yourself feeling fueled and ready for anything ! So what is in this amazing smoothie you might ask??
SaraBurda's photo.a bag of frozen strawberries and blueberries
a ripe banana
almond milk
natural peanut butter
Greek yogurt
kale greens
protein powder
How to Make It:
If you’re using a regular blender, put the frozen fruit and banana in first. Then add the milk, salt, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, protein powder and then put the kale on top. Blend very well. Once it’s blended I then put in a spoonful of peanut butter and blend one last time.
How Much of Each Ingredient? That all depends on your hunger levels ! You can make a LARGE smoothie or a small snack. You will learn what works for your body and what you need ! If you love this one then you will love all the other variations that you can create !
Smoothie Variations:
I get it. Not everyone will like the ingredients I use, so here are some substitutions.
Fruit – I prefer frozen berries, but any type of frozen fruit works great. Cherries, mixed tropical fruit, or anything else that tickles your fancy. It’s all awesome and allows for numerous variations. (Money saving tip: buy whatever is on sale).
Banana – you don’t have to use a banana, but I prefer it for added sweetness. You can also freeze ripe bananas and use them.
Cinnamon and salt – optional.
Milk – don’t like cow juice? No problem. You can also use soy milk (I use vanilla occasionally for added flavor), coconut, almond, and other milks.
Peanut butter – you can completely leave this out or substitute it for fresh nuts (almonds are great) or other nut butters.
Kale – I include this for one reason and one reason only: to sneak some extra leafy greens into my diet. You can also use spinach. I recommend adding this because we can all benefit from extra leafy-green goodness, and you can’t even taste it.
Greek yogurt – I always include this for the high protein content as this is what provides long-lasting satiety, but you can also substitute cottage cheese or even tofu if you follow a vegan/vegetarian diet.
Protein powder-try different flavors
Additional ingredients – you’re only limited by your imagination, or palate. You can include things like Chia and flax seeds, or anything else you enjoy.
There you have it: a protein packed, berry-goodness, kale-sneaking smoothie that will keep you satisfied along with numerous variations. Give it a try for yourself.

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