Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gym Secrets for a Great Body !

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What is the secret to having a great physique?? Well... hard work, dedication, and nutrition are the three components to make it happen ! When it comes to getting results in the gym, you need to start in the kitchen. Diet plays a crucial part in making all of your training efforts pay off. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. So many people are over thinking the importance of nutrition and give up before they start ! Learning how to eat for your goals is important and learning what you need to eat is just as critical ! You can't out exercise a bad diet no matter how hard you try BUT you can learn to eat in moderation and find balance between the two !
Too many people overemphasize the importance of the gym while undervaluing the importance of a healthy diet. This leads to no results and a lot of butt kicking for no reason. So when I get asked which is more important, Diet vs Exercise.. I will always say DIET and here's why !
At the end of the day should you be worried about carbs or calories ? We know that carbs get a bad wrap from many companies trying to sell the low carb idea and while eating too many WHITE carbs is bad the right kind will enhance your performance and physique. You should be more concerned with calories. 3,500 calories are needed to lose 1 lb. of fat, so with that being said knowing HOW much your eating is way more important for weight loss.
My favorite myth is the one about eating past 6 pm. Do you think your body can decipher what time it is? NO !! The reason someone came up with this is so you STOP eating and it forces you to not eat junk when just bored. Makes sense but if you are like me, working till later and then you need to refuel, late night eating isn't an option that I can just give up !
If it's a "quick" fix, its a fad so beware. I will give you caution when asking about doing something that is a 30 day this or that weight loss program. Anything that forces you to eat less food or a cleanse where you juice your life away for 2 weeks is not the best route to go. Your body will lose some water weight, maybe shed some inches but as soon as you go back to original habits, your weight does too and it might even go up ! That's never a good thing if your looking to lose weight. Instead do it the healthier approach and learn what you need to eat to fuel your body for results and changes !
You also can't do spot reduction to rid your body in certain areas. I know that you want to believe that doing squats will firm your legs only or doing crunches will give you flat abs but that is not entirely true. You want to make sure that you understand that fat doesn't come off in the area's YOU choose but it comes off the areas that it is not needed.
If your goal is to lose fat and have more definition, then you’re going to have to eat at a caloric deficit. That means you have to go hungry once in a while. Think of hunger as fat leaving the body. If you do extremely demanding exercise, like say swimming vigorously for an hour straight, you’re going to probably burn something like 500 calories if you’re a 200 pound man. If you’re a 140lb woman, it’s closer to 350 calories. So if you swim for just half an hour, the figures are half that. All that effort for what? For burning a single candy-bar!
Think smart and get the foundation of your nutrition on point! Once that is established you can use and manipulate that to create a calorie deficit plan or enable your do create a plan to achieve your goals !

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