Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Digging Deep !

So I made a decision last week that  changed a lot of things for me, For now the heels are hung up on my Figure Competition career and I am solely training for CrossFit! It has been a BIG mental battle each day fighting between the two, In each training concept there are different things that you learn but you also need to train differently for each. Muscle strength is necessary for CrossFit as how you look doesn't matter. However breaking that mindset of "not caring" how I look when I perform or lift is a little scary coming from a place of doing shows where that is the ONLY thing you are judged on.

If  you struggle with body image problems daily you are not alone! I struggle everyday to wake up and feel like I am good enough for that day or like I am helping enough people. I often find myself questioning if I am deserving of a break or time for me if I didn't help to inspire others, create positive changes and to make sure that the people I am around feel GREAT about who they are and the success they have. For me that is my biggest accomplishment each day is to really reach out and HELP others through making them KNOW THEY ARE WORTH IT !

Just rember, we all have a story line behind the cover so be nice to everyone. SMILE (yes I know I need to work on this) Be a friend. Help to inspire and most importantly tell yourself each day that you are amazing and worth it too ! 

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