Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gym Secrets for a Great Body !

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What is the secret to having a great physique?? Well... hard work, dedication, and nutrition are the three components to make it happen ! When it comes to getting results in the gym, you need to start in the kitchen. Diet plays a crucial part in making all of your training efforts pay off. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. So many people are over thinking the importance of nutrition and give up before they start ! Learning how to eat for your goals is important and learning what you need to eat is just as critical ! You can't out exercise a bad diet no matter how hard you try BUT you can learn to eat in moderation and find balance between the two !
Too many people overemphasize the importance of the gym while undervaluing the importance of a healthy diet. This leads to no results and a lot of butt kicking for no reason. So when I get asked which is more important, Diet vs Exercise.. I will always say DIET and here's why !
At the end of the day should you be worried about carbs or calories ? We know that carbs get a bad wrap from many companies trying to sell the low carb idea and while eating too many WHITE carbs is bad the right kind will enhance your performance and physique. You should be more concerned with calories. 3,500 calories are needed to lose 1 lb. of fat, so with that being said knowing HOW much your eating is way more important for weight loss.
My favorite myth is the one about eating past 6 pm. Do you think your body can decipher what time it is? NO !! The reason someone came up with this is so you STOP eating and it forces you to not eat junk when just bored. Makes sense but if you are like me, working till later and then you need to refuel, late night eating isn't an option that I can just give up !
If it's a "quick" fix, its a fad so beware. I will give you caution when asking about doing something that is a 30 day this or that weight loss program. Anything that forces you to eat less food or a cleanse where you juice your life away for 2 weeks is not the best route to go. Your body will lose some water weight, maybe shed some inches but as soon as you go back to original habits, your weight does too and it might even go up ! That's never a good thing if your looking to lose weight. Instead do it the healthier approach and learn what you need to eat to fuel your body for results and changes !
You also can't do spot reduction to rid your body in certain areas. I know that you want to believe that doing squats will firm your legs only or doing crunches will give you flat abs but that is not entirely true. You want to make sure that you understand that fat doesn't come off in the area's YOU choose but it comes off the areas that it is not needed.
If your goal is to lose fat and have more definition, then you’re going to have to eat at a caloric deficit. That means you have to go hungry once in a while. Think of hunger as fat leaving the body. If you do extremely demanding exercise, like say swimming vigorously for an hour straight, you’re going to probably burn something like 500 calories if you’re a 200 pound man. If you’re a 140lb woman, it’s closer to 350 calories. So if you swim for just half an hour, the figures are half that. All that effort for what? For burning a single candy-bar!
Think smart and get the foundation of your nutrition on point! Once that is established you can use and manipulate that to create a calorie deficit plan or enable your do create a plan to achieve your goals !

Monday, June 29, 2015

Trainer !!

Ever think about competition in a Bikini/Figure Competition but don't know where to start? Do you have goals for getting into shape, learning how to eat for performance and understand the basic components of training ?

Let me guide you ! I have many programs that I DO DETAIL to fit you ! Not one person is the same so each training plan and nutritional guidance is detailed to fit you. No cookie cutter plans in mass quantities. I make sure that I am in 100% full contact with you through it all, making changes and updates monthly, helping with exercises and contest prep !

I have a passion to help if you have the PASSION to SUCCEED !

Contact me today !


or find me on facebook as Sara Burda !!

Don't let another day slip away !!! Below is MY PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION !

The top is my 16 week out prep, middle is first show, bottom is the 2nd show I took 1st place only 5 months after my second show !!! I did my training, diet, and posing!!!

Foam Rolling 101 !

Self-myofascial release is great to release the muscle tension and trigger points that can cause tight muscles in areas of your body. It is a love/hate relationship when it comes to this type of mobility because of the "pain" you experience when doing it. You can use a foam roller, lacrosse ball or barbell for rolling tight muscles. By applying pressure to specific points on your body you are able to aid in the recovery of muscles and assist in returning them to normal function. Normal function means your muscles are elastic, healthy, and ready to perform at a moment’s notice.
SaraBurda's photo.So how do you know where those tight spots are ?? OH YOU KNOW WHEN YOU FOUND ONE !!! Trigger points are specific “knots” that form in muscles. They are unique and can be identified because they will refer pain. Pain referral, for our purposes, can most easily be described as the pain felt when pressure is applied to one area of the body, but the pain is felt or radiated in another area.
Why go through all this pain ? Well ask yourself why you get a massage ? This is the same concept. You are using the foam roller like a massage tool to increase the circulation and create a healthy blood supply to those muscles that are tight preventing damage. The deep compression of self-myofascial release allows normal blood flow to return and the restoration of healthy tissue. The body naturally wants to be healthy and strong, but sometimes an extra boost is needed to achieve optimal muscle and tissue health.
Utilizing stretching alone is not always enough to release muscles tightness, which is why foam rollers have thrived on the mass market. Foam rolling can assist in breaking up these muscle knots, resuming normal blood flow and function. The goal to any corrective or recovery technique is to get you back to the point of normal functioning, as if nothing was ever wrong.
So how do you foam roll? To foam roll properly, apply moderate pressure to a specific muscle or muscle group using the roller and your bodyweight. You should roll slowly, no more than one inch per second. When you find areas that are tight or painful, pause for several seconds and relax as much as possible. You should slowly start to feel the muscle releasing, and after 5-30 seconds the discomfort or pain should lessen.
If an area is too painful to apply direct pressure, shift the roller and apply pressure on the surrounding area and gradually work to loosen the entire area. The goal is to restore healthy muscles - it is not a pain tolerance test. You may also use other objects to work on muscles such as a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or barbell.
Never roll a joint or bone. Avoid rolling your lower back. To target these muscles I recommend using tennis or lacrosse balls. If you are having issues with your neck, refer these issues to an appropriate medical professional, as these areas they can be more sensitive and require more advanced attention.You may be sore the next day. It should feel as if your muscles have been worked/released, however you should not push yourself to the point of excessive soreness. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and eat clean. This will help to flush your system and fuel your muscles more effectively. Give it 24-48 hours before focusing on the same area again.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Why We DO Fitness !

If you are new to fitness OR you are a fitness guru, at some point or another you find yourself asking, "Why do I do this everyday?" And that is ok to do! Many people that are not as in tune to fitness see living a fit lifestyle as bland food, endless amounts of cardio and being a slave to fitness. However,fitness should be FUN, CHALLENGING and EXCITING! Getting stuck in a regimen that you hate is an almost surefire way to guarantee that you’ll never reach your fitness goals.

The fact is that fitness is an imperfect, long distance event that requires patience and great mental discipline. It is not a short-term, hell-week kind of experience. No one gets truly fit in 30 days or 3 months, and if you’re paying for services that promise this then unfortunately they reeled you in. If you are willing the pursuit of fitness can either be something positive and thoroughly enjoyable or something that greatly detracts from your enjoyment of life. The path you follow is yours to choose.

i choose the path of fitness that empowers me and leads me to my goals ! The first step is to PLAN for success! Don't fall into the trap of getting fit quick but really set up a time line for success to happen. No one can get fit in 30 days if your nutrition is off and your doing a 30 minute program. It does take time, dedication and some hard work ! Next is to really find a way to incorporate healthy cooking into your lifestyle but make it taste AMAZING by using spices, seasonings, and creating new recipes ! With a quality program and meal plan you’ll feel better, enjoy your life and get real results that will motivate you and encourage you to continue.

Next is to enjoy what you are doing. Don't do something you don't like for the sake of doing it. Yes there are days you should really challenge yourself to some things that you don't like BUT most days you need to enjoy what you do to create a lasting habit.Do what you are passionate about! If you love to box do that, if you are a runner at heart ( bless your soul) go for a run, if you love to challenge your body do tabata sprints. Point here is doing what you enjoy will last LONG term and not just a quick two week plan that you hate !

One last thing to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to let worry go. You are going to have days of PR's and days that don't go as planned. The days of success are the ones you keep for motivation to continue and the ones that challenge you create change ! Don't get frustrated or discouraged but use it to power through ! Once you grow comfortable and familiar with a fitness program, the lifestyle becomes something you will look forward to and be proud of. If you overthink and micro-manage your own fitness journey, you’ll likely do more harm than good. Cast aside the common tendency to overthink things and watch the stress melt away.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Carbs, Fat Loss, and Timing !

When to eat your carbs is a question that many people ask me.. Is there a right time ? Pre- Post- 2 hours after, before bed?? So much information is spread on the media about how carbohydrates are "bad" for you but if you use them in a timely way you can enhance your body composition ! Eating carbohydrates at the right time during the day is the most effective way to shed unwanted body fat and insure adequate energy for exercise. Deciding when to eat carbohydrates is simple: only eat large doses of carbohydrates after you workout!
The science behind this idea makes perfect sense, and not doing this is a common mistake made by a very large percentage of our population.
Generally, carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed slowly can help to control insulin response. These are carbohydrates that are higher in fiber and lower in simple sugars, such as vegetables. But, a diet consisting of added sugars and refined carbohydrates which enter the body rapidly and has a quick insulin response, can elevate blood triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol, and lead to insulin resistance.
SaraBurda's photo.During digestion carbs are turned into glucose.Upon the ingestion of carbohydrates, insulin is released and binds to muscle tissue cells to shuttle glucose into the cell to be stored as muscle glycogen. Muscle glycogen is the body’s stored source of carbohydrates. Muscle glycogen is stored by skeletal muscle and used as an energy source during exercise – this is especially true for Crossfit style workouts.
When muscle glycogen is depleted during a workout, your body needs carbs to replenish those glycogen stores for future workouts. So here is the problem..t.he common mistake made by most people (and the primary reason for the obesity epidemic) is eating large doses of carbohydrates all day long. The body can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates as muscle glycogen. The rest converts to fat. Once muscle glycogen has been restored to capacity, all excess carbohydrates must go somewhere else and that somewhere is excess fat storage on your body. Even elite athletes can only consume so many starchy carbohydrates before it is in excess.
Eating large doses of carbohydrates too frequently can cause cells to respond poorly to insulin. This poor response hinders the ability of the cell to remove glucose from the blood stream, and leads to excess body fat and type II diabetes. Eating large doses of carbohydrates only after workouts is the perfect way to get the carbohydrates you need, while guaranteeing insulin sensitivity.
The best thing is, as long as you don’t go too overboard (eat more carbohydrates than needed for restoring muscle glycogen), it really doesn’t matter if you are choosing simple or complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates will actually help to restore muscle glycogen faster, and insure energy for two-a-day workouts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Plyometrics !

If you want to add more energy to your exercise routine, what you need is plyometric training. Plyometrics are also called plyos, and they consist of powerful and fast movements. These exercises improve the working of your nervous system and thus improve your overall performance in sporting events.

They involve relaxing and contracting muscles in fast sequences, making use of elasticity, innervations, and strength of tissues and muscles that are involved in running faster, jumping higher, and throwing farther. Thus plyometrics are especially useful for track and field athletes. Plyos raise the force and speed of your muscle contractions, leading to higher explosive power that is needed in sports activities. A true plyometric exercise must contain a fast loading phase. That is, for the stretch reflex (i.e. myotatic reflex) to invoke a powerful contraction, it must occur extremely fast.

As your muscles become bigger, stronger and improve in its endurance capabilities, you will burn calories at a higher rate. Plyometric exercises would increase your metabolism so you will burn more calories even when you are at rest. Since muscle maintenance needs more energy than fat maintenance, you will burn more calories with each activity.

Plyometric treaining does not require you to buy any such equipment. You can use the things that are lying around your house and complete your exercise routine with them. And because they don't require much equipment plyometrics can be calibrated according to anyone’s needs. You can jump on trampoline or use a jump rope. You can even get two platforms and jump on them back and forth. The right plyometric training would depend upon your needs and your fitness level according to your goals.

Plyometric training has received some bad press. Inappropriate use of plyometric training has been associated with various forms of "over-use" injuries, especially in the lower extremities (e.g. patellar and Achilles tendinitis and plantar faciitis). This type of training, especially when done at a high intensity, is a high-risk endeavor (i.e. high returns but at high risk). Like any other high-risk maneuver, high intensity plyometrics should not designed or performed without the supervision of a professional overseeing the training, and response, to the exercise protocol.Be sure to always be aware of your body and how you are moving to ensure safe range of motion and support.

A good plyo circuit to try out !!

Complete this circuit 8 times with 30 seconds rest in between. Make sure there are no more than 30 jumps in the workout series for one round !

***set up 4 high hurdles to hop over, then into 4 box jumps of various heights, then 4 cones to laterally hop to. See the Video in the references to get a visual of the workout.



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Sitting Disease !

SaraBurda's photo.So you workout everyday, you don't sit around at home and you even hit a two a day every once in a while but did you ever stop and think HOW many hours a day you really do stay sitting down? Probably more than you even realize. Research shows that on average people spend 50-60% of their waking hours sitting down. And sitting that long can have huge effects on your health even when you are working out on the regular!
So what if you ARE sitting for too long? What does happen to your body and mind? Sitting for excessive periods of time is linked to health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, anemia and bone loss. Nothing which sounds healthy for the long term.
Here are some facts:
-Sitting for too long can lower your ability to create fat burning enzymes responsible for managing triglycerides, which is a blood fat.
-Sitting causes blood to move slowly in which the fatty acids which create plaque and build up over time in the heart vessels,
-Your abdominal muscles weaken from poor sitting posture. Due to this the lower back tries to compensate and you start to become bio-mechanically unstable.
-Reduced blood flow from sitting prevents optimal amounts of oxygen to get to your brain.
-Middle aged women who sat longer than 7 hours a day showed an increase in depression as compared to women who had more active jobs.
-Sitting decreases longevity. There has been research done that found that placing fat cells under stress or a large load such as the one you generate from sitting, can cause and accelerated speed of fat cell production by 50%.
So HOW can you prevent sitting so long ??
- Set a timer for every 30 minutes to get up and walk
-When on a call move around the office
-Walk to deliver a message to someone
-When people enter the office stand to greet them
-Drink a lot so you have to get up to pee a lot smile emoticon
-Sit on a stability ball to activate the core
Park FAR away and walk
-Carry a grocery basket instead of a cart
-Take the steps not the elevator
The list can go on but I think you get the point. The more you are aware of the movement you are making the better off your body will be to create muscles and reduce the effects of sitting for a prolonged period of time !

Monday, June 22, 2015

What to Look for in a "GOOD" CrossFit Box!

CrossFit is the newest trend in fitness. With constantly varied functional movements across many domains of fitness, it's no wonder people are taking this fitness trend by storm. Have you ever tried it? Thought about it but are intimidated? The great thing about CrossFit is that the foundation is based on natural movements that you perform in everyday life which means EVERYONE can CrossFit. You just need to scale the intensity load.
If you are thinking about CrossFit take the time to read these reasons of WHY you should do CrossFit to take your training to the next level!
-You will learn proper form and techniques.If you’ve worried about getting hurt or were never sure what exactly to do with your gym’s selection of plates and barbells, CrossFit is a great place to start. Most boxes require new athletes to complete a basics course that covers equipment usage, proper lifting form and commonly used CrossFit terminology.
-CrossFit is made up of constantly varied, high-intensity movements. Which means that over the course of one WOD (workout of the day) you may be running, rowing, swinging kettlebells and working on gymnastic moves like ring dips and handstands. Coaches use the timer throughout the class and keep athletes in constant motion.
-Everything can be scaled and modified to fit you.That’s because scaling weight appropriately is encouraged, and nearly all CrossFit movements can be modified. For example, a new athlete may modify pull-ups by using an exercise band or opting for a lighter a kettlebell than the prescribed weight.
-It's NOT a cult its a community! Anyone on the inside will tell you it’s a community. The best coaches and boxes create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. It’s not uncommon for more advanced athletes to share training tips with newbies and stay behind to cheer them on while they finish a workout. And athletes who start CrossFit around the same time often form a special bond as they improve and grow together.
-All of the movements are functional. After a couple months of CrossFit, you may find activities like carrying groceries or changing the bottle on the office water cooler to be a lot easier. That’s because CrossFit focuses on functional movements: carrying awkward items, sprinting short distances, lifting heavy things from the ground. CrossFit training is, in many ways, training for everyday life.
-There is NO BOREDOM ! With new WODS everyday there is no way that you can be bored. Constantly testing your abilities and learning something new will keep your body guessing and changing to new adaptation!
if you are interested in learning more about CrossFit come check out the Box I work at !! www.fitnessheroics.com
Everyone gets one week free to try and you will be hooked at the amazing experience you will have !

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ice it Out When it's HOT !

The weather is HOT and you don't feel like having a full hot meal but your hungry ! No worries I can help with a perfect smoothie treat that will have you fueled up, cooled off and leave you satisfied !! So many people don't make a smoothie to KEEP them full but fill it with a lot of sugary juices, ice and a few berries. Yeah that one won't keep you full at all. But this recipe will !
When you are looking for a quick healthy meal or snack you will want to keep yourself feeling fueled and ready for anything ! So what is in this amazing smoothie you might ask??
SaraBurda's photo.a bag of frozen strawberries and blueberries
a ripe banana
almond milk
natural peanut butter
Greek yogurt
kale greens
protein powder
How to Make It:
If you’re using a regular blender, put the frozen fruit and banana in first. Then add the milk, salt, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, protein powder and then put the kale on top. Blend very well. Once it’s blended I then put in a spoonful of peanut butter and blend one last time.
How Much of Each Ingredient? That all depends on your hunger levels ! You can make a LARGE smoothie or a small snack. You will learn what works for your body and what you need ! If you love this one then you will love all the other variations that you can create !
Smoothie Variations:
I get it. Not everyone will like the ingredients I use, so here are some substitutions.
Fruit – I prefer frozen berries, but any type of frozen fruit works great. Cherries, mixed tropical fruit, or anything else that tickles your fancy. It’s all awesome and allows for numerous variations. (Money saving tip: buy whatever is on sale).
Banana – you don’t have to use a banana, but I prefer it for added sweetness. You can also freeze ripe bananas and use them.
Cinnamon and salt – optional.
Milk – don’t like cow juice? No problem. You can also use soy milk (I use vanilla occasionally for added flavor), coconut, almond, and other milks.
Peanut butter – you can completely leave this out or substitute it for fresh nuts (almonds are great) or other nut butters.
Kale – I include this for one reason and one reason only: to sneak some extra leafy greens into my diet. You can also use spinach. I recommend adding this because we can all benefit from extra leafy-green goodness, and you can’t even taste it.
Greek yogurt – I always include this for the high protein content as this is what provides long-lasting satiety, but you can also substitute cottage cheese or even tofu if you follow a vegan/vegetarian diet.
Protein powder-try different flavors
Additional ingredients – you’re only limited by your imagination, or palate. You can include things like Chia and flax seeds, or anything else you enjoy.
There you have it: a protein packed, berry-goodness, kale-sneaking smoothie that will keep you satisfied along with numerous variations. Give it a try for yourself.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Welcome to the itty bitty titty club !!!

When you start to lift, certain things start to happen and they are just unavoidable. You are going to be experiencing changes in many areas of your life not just in the gym. As you become stronger lifting you need to embrace the new and exciting things that come along with it !
SaraBurda's photo.
-Your glutes are tighter, rounder and shaping UP !! Everything about that statement is GREAT, but you now lost your front, and I mean your boobs frown emoticon Weird but here is the truth, boobs are FAT and unnecessary fat to be exact. So when you begin to lose fat and build muscle, you can't tell your body where to lose fat from.Good new- Victoria's secret can always help !
-Your hands will develop callouses. Don't see it as "man" hands, see it as a putting in quality work. Learning that developing these callouses are really protection for heavier work loads. Sure they might be less than girly but who wants to fit in anyways!
-If you put on the slightest bit of muscle, your automatically deemed a guy ! Girls are meant to be STRONG. I don't know why or where society got the idea that girls should be weak little things! There is NO reason that you should be called a man and if you are it's through insecurities. You will not gain a ton of muscle as a female because you do not produce enough testosterone to formulate that much growth. Strong will keep you going for years!
-PUT THE SCALE AWAY! Please step off the scale. It's the pits of hell in my opinion. It has the ability to ruin an entire day and just makes you feel miserable. You are NOT a number you are a person with qualities, emotions and feelings. You are not depicted with a number walking around so why should it matter how much you weigh? Focus on performance out comes and your mindset will change over time.
-Building muscle requires MORE healthy food ! Sure you are hungrier but that is a great thing ! You need to fuel your body with the healthy foods that will keep your muscle and body working at an optimal condition. You need to feed it and not starve it. Make peace with your body and treat it right.
-You are improving and adding years to your life. Now, that may not sound as exciting as “I look hot” but it’s an important point. Strong people live more productively longer. It’s not enough to be skinny, and it’s not enough to have a healthy heart; you need to actively build muscle to combat its natural loss. Consequently, being strong is what we all need to age with grace. High-five yourself, women! Getting strong and staying strong increases your quality of life for years to come! Go celebrate with a deadlift!
I hope you see the amazing benefits of why you should be lifting weights and how important it is to your body over the ages to prevent disease and increase your quality of life !

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WoodWay Curve

The WoodWay Curve Treadmill is the NEW and upcoming thing in fitness. It breaks all the rules when it comes to treadmills. It is man powered, eco friendly and has a butt kicking ability because you are pushing the belt !
Let's look at it closer !
-No motor which means its quiet. No motor means no maintenance on the motor! With the Woodway Curve, you don’t have a motor to replace. You might have to lubricate the treadmill from time to time but that’s not very hard at all and will not cost you anywhere near the price of a whole new motor or worse, two new motors.
-You’re going to get a killer workout with the Woodway Curve because you are the motor. The movement of the belt is directly effected by the effort you exert. You can get an awesome workout from other great treadmills that have motors, but it’s just not the same when you’re the one powering the machine.
For this reason, the Woodway Curve is best suited for high endurance athletes and very serious runners.

-It sets you up to run bi-mechanically correct. It is especially important for those serious athletes that heavily rely on their fitness training. As mentioned in the video above, the design of the Woodway Curve forces the user to run with a perfect posture while also decreasing stress on areas of the body that experience stress with regular treadmills.
-It's used for speed and NOT for distance. This is one aspect that might be a con for long distance training runners.
If you HAVE one available to you try it out ! I tried it out and I am honestly thinking about getting one for my home. I love that it's for speed and that it has little to no maintenance. I am NOT a distance person so this is a great option !!!
try this out !
90 second Interval Protocol:
Walk 15 seconds
Jog 15 seconds
Run 10 seconds
Strong Run 5 seconds
Walk 15 seconds
Jog 10 seconds
Run 10 seconds
Sprint 5 seconds
Decelerate and Rest for 30 seconds
Repeat 10 x


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Digging Deep !

So I made a decision last week that  changed a lot of things for me, For now the heels are hung up on my Figure Competition career and I am solely training for CrossFit! It has been a BIG mental battle each day fighting between the two, In each training concept there are different things that you learn but you also need to train differently for each. Muscle strength is necessary for CrossFit as how you look doesn't matter. However breaking that mindset of "not caring" how I look when I perform or lift is a little scary coming from a place of doing shows where that is the ONLY thing you are judged on.

If  you struggle with body image problems daily you are not alone! I struggle everyday to wake up and feel like I am good enough for that day or like I am helping enough people. I often find myself questioning if I am deserving of a break or time for me if I didn't help to inspire others, create positive changes and to make sure that the people I am around feel GREAT about who they are and the success they have. For me that is my biggest accomplishment each day is to really reach out and HELP others through making them KNOW THEY ARE WORTH IT !

Just rember, we all have a story line behind the cover so be nice to everyone. SMILE (yes I know I need to work on this) Be a friend. Help to inspire and most importantly tell yourself each day that you are amazing and worth it too ! 

The Buzz About Gluten !

Going gluten free is a new trend that has taken the mainstream over the course of a few years. Now there are gluten free everything from cookies, to snacks and even condiments. Learning what gluten is and how it has a huge impact on your body can really change your mind about what you are consuming. Did you know that gluten gliadin, which is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Many of the bread products contain this.
I am going to share some of the things gluten has an impact on in your body and maybe this will help you understand what it is doing and maybe you will give it up for 30 days and see how your body feels !
-Wheat gluten is the cause of “Celiac disease,” which is commonly regarded as the intestine-specific manifestation of gluten sensitivity. There are many other manifestations of gluten sensitivity/intolerance.
-Wheat has been hybridized to contain far more gluten than it did 50 years ago. The bread we eat today is nowhere near the bread that our ancestors ate, so there is no comparison.
-Gluten increases the permeability of the intestinal barrier. This enables gluten to enter the bloodstream. “Leaky Gut,” which is tied to gluten intolerance and intestinal permeability, is foundational in the development of autoimmunity and conditions such as fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic fatigue, asthma, and diabetes, among others.
Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity is NOT the same thing as a wheat allergy.
-Gluten sensitivity can cause nutrient deficiency by impairing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients like calcium – causing the bone minerals to break down. This means osteopenia.
-Leptin, the hormone that tells us when we’re full, may be blocked by substances derived from cereal grains such as gluten.
-95% of the body’s serotonin is made in the bowel. When the bowel’s function is disrupted as with gluten consumption, neurological problems including epilepsy, ADHD, depression and even headaches may occur in addition to skin problems (eczema).
Sometimes the symptom itself is the only indicator of intolerance. How many headaches have you had in your lifetime?
All of the above mentioned might be fixed with a slight modification of your diet. Changing that one variable of taking out gluten laden products can help your body heal and repair from the inside out.
If you really need those carbs, try to go for the infinitely superior, nutrient-dense starchy vegetables: turnips, parsnips, beets, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, and squash.
Remember, the effect is cumulative; like smoking a single cigarette may not give us lung cancer, eating gluten just once may not make us immediately sick, but there is a cascade that’s intensified over months, years, and a lifetime of exposure. It’s never, ever going to be worth the risk.
Healing your gut is important to fixing aliments that are a result of this allergy!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Small Changes equal BIG Results !

Eating right, working out, looking and feeling better are all amazing results of fitness. You can now increase your muscle building abilities by combining the proper nutrition, with programming of exercise and rest/recovery.You need to create a habit which leads to a routine that continue to drive the daily effort and progress.
There are no shortcuts or "special tricks" when it comes to building strength and muscle. The effort you put forth is the effort that creates the product with dedication and consistency. Long-term goals look just like mountains and seem huge from the bottom looking up but if you create little steps along the way your climb will be so much easier to handle!
Create small habits like the ones found below and work on reaching and tackling each one in steps to create a foundation of muscle building and strength.
-Eat MORE protein! Most people don’t consume nearly enough protein to support muscle growth. You must focus on getting more high-quality whole food protein sources from animals and plants. In order to eat enough, cook at least 3 different sources a week! I do chicken breast, ground lean turkey and turkey cutlets. Not to mention the 5 x18 packs of eggs I consume each week. Ensuring you have the right food on hand makes it easier to consume.
-Snack better with higher quality snacks. You need to keep wood on the fire and keeping food in your belly helps to rebuild and boost your metabolism, Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your desk, workout bag, or in your car. That could be jerky, nuts, seeds, coconut chips or high-quality protein bars. Single serving packets of coconut oil and almond butter can be a life saver in a pinch. Being prepared is the number one key to success !
-Get your 8-9 hours of sleep each night. You cannot repair and grow muscle tissue without it, it doesn’t matter how well you train or eat. Create a nighttime routine to turn off electronics at least 45 minutes before bed time and set an alarm when you need to be winding down. Most people get around 6 hours of sleep per night. I know that might feel adequate, but trust me, it’s not. Within a few nights, you will see this for yourself. More sleep =more muscle growth.
-Support your digestion. You are going to be eating more food than you are used to. Your digestive system will be working harder and secreting more digestive fluids to break down the extra food.You might consider supplementing hydrochloric acid (HCL) and digestive enzymes to reduce the burden on the digestive system. Probiotics are a great way to support the digestive system as it adapts to the extra volume of food.
-Reduce added stress in your life.When you are trying to build muscle and get strong, stress reduction is critical.Stress hinders your fat loss efforts by increasing your cortisol levels. Try to combat stress with an outdoor walk or bike ride, You can also start the day with a workout so that it's one LESS thing you need to cram into your day and it's done with without having to put the effort in to think.
-Befriend your carbs !To get big and stronger, you’re going to need more carbohydrates to shuttle nutrients to those working muscles. So, have some quality carbohydrates at each meal. Some great examples include sweet potatoes, oats, yams, squash, rice or rice cereal. You can also have a piece of fruit with your protein rich snacks to get in some extra calories.This will really bump up your calorie intake, boosting muscle growth and recovery.
-LEARN TO FOOD PREP !One day per week, set aside time to make a favorite meal in a larger portion than normal. Eat your fill, then use the extra servings for lunch or dinner the next day.
You’ll be able to cook more meals at once as you get comfortable handling larger quantities of food. In just a few weeks, you should be able to prepare most of your weekly meals all at once, and with minimal fuss.
With these tips you can see how if you try to do them all at once it will become overwhelming ! But if you decide to pick one and work on that for a little then add in a new habit they will start to work with each other ! Quality nutrition combined with a smart training program and recovery are guaranteed to result in muscle gains. However, the key to maintaining that progress over a long period of time is staying consistent, dedicated, and being patient with the process.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Importance of Protein at EVERY meal !

Why should you eat protein at every meal ? The common problem that so many people face is too MANY carbs and not enough protein to sustain their lifestyle. But how important is it to have in your diet every day ?
So lets look into the facts! First off...what is protein? Your body breaks down protein into amino acids and uses those amino acids to build muscles. When you exercise, you are actually breaking down muscle. Protein helps rebuild them faster and better.protein releases a hormone called glucogon that does the opposite of insulin.
So, where insulin is a fat-storing hormone, glucogon is actually a fat burning hormone. If you eat at least one serving of protein with every meal, you are going to get a fat-burning effect. It is also a blood sugar stabilizer and when you eat a protein along with your carbohydrates, it help to keep your blood sugar stable. When you just eat carbs without the protein, your blood sugar is constantly going through highs and lows. Eating enough protein helps preserve muscle mass and encourages fat burning while keeping you feeling full
What foods contain protein ? Organic eggs, organic grass-fed meats, natural free-range poultry, wild fish and good quality meal replacement shakes. You want to be sure to include a serving of one of these proteins with every single one of your meals.
It's very important to balance ALL meals and snacks with carb-rich and protein-rich foods together. A meal with carbohydrates alone is problematic because glucose levels shoot up and then crash down. This can leave you feeling tired, hungry, and weak - and gives your body an easy opportunity to convert that meal to fat.
Here are some benefits of eating protein !
-Increase thermic effect
-Increase in glucagon which decreases aging
-Reduction of cardiovascular risk
-Improvement in weight management and body composition
-Increase in protein turnover
-Increase in nutrient absorption
How much ?
Women – 1 serving of lean, complete protein (20-30g) with each meal, every few hours.
Men – 2 servings of lean, complete protein (40-60g) with each meal, every few hours.
This pattern of intake will make sure you’re getting enough protein to reap all the benefits that this macro nutrient has to offer.
Each meal you sit down to eat ask yourself: "Is there protein in this meal?" if so then you are on a great path to burn fat and repair your muscles, If not then you need to re-evaluate your meals and find a healthy source of protein to add into it !

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Motivation FOR Success !

Staying motivated on your goals can seem hard sometimes.The first thing you want to ask yourself is WHY? Why are you training and what are your goals? Without the answer to each of these questions, your just going to be on a circle to nowhere. The reason you train is simple, it NEEDS to be for you and you only. Not for the sake of someone else, but because you want to be in the moment of training. If you can find YOUR reason and why you want to better yourself that can make all the difference in your results. Your why can be simply for health reasons, or like me you just enjoy the training aspect. Once you find your motivation we now need to harness that and keep it. But for the days that you feel a little unmotivated here are a few reasons to keep going !

- Find something to compete in! I want encourage everyone to compete in something. If you sign up for something that will motivate you more to work harder and push yourself. Just think of all the hard work you can put out there in front of a crowd!!! When you have something to look forward to and to train for you are more likely to stick to it and want to maintain your goals.

-Train in the right environment that is suitable to your needs. Make sure to find a place you truly ENJOY going to every single day. Nothing can deter you from your goals than hating the place that you train in. Find a community of people who support you and your goals. It's more motivating to have a positive place to go to and to enjoy everyday.

-If you get injured it's not over ! Getting injured is every competitor’s greatest fear and it does happen often. This is where many athletes let themselves go since they can’t train, so their nutrition goes out the window. This is something you should absolutely not do, as it will be far more difficult coming back with extra body fat. Your mental approach to coming back from an injury is everything. The goal you set for yourself has to have meaning to you. If it doesn’t you will not be motivated enough to pursue it.

-Don't allow burnout to happen. So many times people do so well for 2 weeks, then STOP ! WHY?? It's due to burnout from training too much and too soon! Avoid this by slowly adding in intensity into your routine and then adding in more days ! Doing so much that you feel like you can't move is not very motivating at all. In fact it's the main reason why people quit working out in general. Be smart and plan your routine that you can sustain over time !

I hope that these tips can help you and keep you motivated to push for your goals ! It's always fun to get out there, accomplish something new and really feel like you are working towards something amazing !!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jump Jump Jump AROUND !

Sometimes hitting the gym is not an option OR you are busy traveling around and don't have the access to a gym nearby. I have the perfect solution to that problem !!

Yes the jump rope although seems small can have MAJOR effects on your cardiovascular health.Jumping rope has major benefits on helping you to lose weight if you intend to do it through exercise and healthy eating. Jumping rope for 30 minutes will produce a caloric burn of approximately 300 calories. So in order to lose one pound per week, you must jump rope for thirty minutes every day and cut out 400 calories from your diet. While this may seem intimidating, it will promote the greatest amount of weight loss in the healthiest manner possible.
Another great benefit of using a jump rope during exercise is increased cardiovascular fitness. Your cardiovascular system involves your heart and the arteries and veins that bring blood and oxygen to and from the heart and the rest of the body. This improves the ability of your body systems to work more efficiently. You will not only have a greater ability to perform your daily tasks, but you will become less breathless during exercise as well.
Exercising with a jump rope is a great way to improve the muscle tone in your legs and lower body. After the first day of jumping rope, you may experience some soreness in your legs especially in your calves. This is because the muscles have been working hard enough to cause microtears. These microtears will eventually heal themselves in a few days and because of this damage and repair, your muscles will be stronger, larger, and more toned than when you started the exercise.
Today I CHALLENGE you to break out of that fitness rut and try this workout !
60 seconds work-30 seconds rest
Jump rope
Jump rope
-Bicycle crunch
Jump rope
-Side Plank left
Jump rope
-Side plank right
Jump rope
-Crunches on exercise ball
Jump rope
-Plank with side knees
Jump rope
-leg lifts
Jump rope
-mountain climber
Jump rope
-reverse crunches
Jump rope
-russian twist
The workout should take about 30 minutes to complete !!!
Have fun and challenge yourself !